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Uganda visit 2006




We work directly with the schools and prioritise their needs.

At the moment our focus is:

  • To build extra classrooms (7,500 each)
  • To provide desks and chairs (£25 each)
  • To provide free exercise books and pencils for every infant child (12 per child)
  • To continue working with other organisations to provide water tanks for each community
  • To provide electricity to our schools, as and when possible
  • To increase the ability of the people to collect and store water

Old classroom

An existing classroom
New classroom

A new classroom

The picture on the right also shows one of the new concrete water storage tanks. These tanks store rainwater, and this one was provided by us, in partnership with School-Aid and Busoga Trust. Others have been constructed by our sister charity in Holland You 4 Uganda. You can get more information about them (if your Dutch is up to it) by clicking here.

This is the alternative water collection system, and it is very hard and time-consuming work -

Woman carrying water
Water collection



In the rainy seasons there is a plentiful supply of water.

The villagers just need to be able to collect and store it.


The water storage tanks may not be beautiful but they make a tremendous difference to the lives of the villagers.

In December 2006 ACE sent £500 to provide more guttering to increase the water-gathering capabilities of each school.

Water Storage Tank

Donated Gifts   This is part of a cargo that was put together and shipped to Uganda. It was distributed to the schools, supervised by former ACE representative, Charles Etoru. The cargo was taken from Kampala to Kisoro and then distributed to seven schools. Each box was colour coded for its intended school and the process was overseen by the District Education Officer.

The cargo, weighing 500kg, consisted of 36 boxes, and the contents include school bags packed with blackboards, chalks, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, etc. These have been made and donated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints at Perranarworthal, helped by other branches.

Introducing Charles Etoru .........

Charles became our first representative in Uganda. He looked after the safe transportation and distribution of the many gifts of school supplies. He is currently working in the UK.

Angela Peake met Charles about four years ago when he was working as a Community Conservation Officer for the Ugandan Wildlife Authority. He was visiting villages and village schools, teaching about conservation and sustainability.

He has recently studied for a Masters Degree in Natural Resource Management at Leicester University, focusing on the bushmeat trade.

This picture was taken on a visit to Cornwall.

Charles Etoru

........... and David Epidu

David and Christine Epidu

David and Christine Epidu


David Epidu is currently employed by ACE to liase with UWA and the District Education Officer as well as to work with the community wildlife warden and the head teachers.

He oversees all work undertaken by ACE and helps to prioritise which item and school we focus on next. He is also involved in the collecting, transportation and distribution of cargoes once they arrive in Uganda.

He was introduced to the charity 4 years ago and has worked with both Charles Etoru and Angela and Vic Peake when they have been in Uganda. Brought up in Soroti he was a childhood friend of Charles and now lives with his wife, Christine, daughter, Fortunate, and two nieces.

His regular reports keep us accurately informed as to the needs of the schools.


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