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Raise Funds When You Shop Online

There's an easy way for you to help raise funds for ACE simply by shopping online!

easyfundraising is a shopping directory that features most of your favourite online stores, including Amazon, NEXT, Debenhams, John Lewis, Toys'R'Us, HMV and over 400 others.

All you have to do is go to your retailer via the links on the easyfundraising site, instead of going directly, whenever you shop online. At no extra cost to you, ACE will receive a free donation from every purchase you make. It really is that simple!

It's completely FREE (and very quick) to register and use and you still shop with each retailer in exactly the same way. Some retailers even offer additional discounts and money-saving e-vouchers when you shop using easyfundraising.

By far the biggest money raisers for ACE have been people switching insurance on homes or vehicles. Insurance companies pay up to £40 to ACE when you switch. You can also use the scheme when switching your energy supplier.

If you shop online anyway then why not raise valuable extra funds for ACE by using this fantastic scheme. All you need to do is visit and, when you register, select ACE - Aid Conservation through Education as the organisation you wish to support.


You can do that by clicking

either here, or on the front page of the website.

ACE linked with easyfundraising on 9th May 2007.
Since then, 104 supporters have registered.

We receive our donation payments quarterly and, to date, we have raised

Quarterly Payment
Total so far
2nd quarter 2007
3rd quarter 2007
4th quarter 2007
1st quarter 2008
2nd quarter 2008
3rd quarter 2008
4th quarter 2008
1st quarter 2009
2nd quarter 2009
3rd quarter 2009
4th quarter 2009
1st quarter 2010
2nd quarter 2010
3rd quarter 2010
4th quarter 2010
1st quarter 2011
2nd quarter 2011
3rd quarter 2011
4th quarter 2011
1st quarter 2012
2nd quarter 2012
3rd quarter 2012
4th quarter 2012
1st quarter 2013
2nd quarter 2013
3rd quarter 2013
4th quarter 2013
1st quarter 2014
2nd quarter 2014
3rd quarter 2014
4th quarter 2014
1st quarter 2015
2nd quarter 2015
3rd quarter 2015
4th quarter 2015
1st quarter 2016
2nd quarter 2016
3rd quarter 2016
4th quarter 2016
1st quarter 2017
2nd quarter 2017
3rd quarter 2017
4th quarter 2017
1st quarter 2018
2nd quarter 2018
3rd quarter 2018


It is also possible to raise money for ACE by referring other organisations to easyfundraising. They do not have to be registered charities - any club or society can join.

ACE will receive a bonus of 20% of whatever they raise, with no loss to them. It is simply an additional payment.

If you know of an organisation who would like to raise funds this way, please get them to register using the ACE link above. When asked who recommended them they should choose ACE - Aid Conservation through Education from the list. (Take care - there is another ACE on the list.)


And now you can raise even more for ACE by using........

Powered by the world's 2nd largest search provider, easysearch works just like Google, giving you fast, accurate results every time you search the web. But unlike Google, easysearch gives something back!

When you use easysearch to search the web you'll generate about a penny for every search that's made. It doesn't sound like much, but the pennies soon mount up and each searcher can raise 25 a year - or more - just by switching their normal searching to easysearch!

Just click on the blue blue easysearch logo to try it. You will be able to put the link into your Favourites.

easysearch raises us a little money every week. So get clicking!


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