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ACE's First Borehole

We have been concerned for some time about getting a clean water supply to St. Joseph School at Mwangi. This school is north of Kampala in an arid area and there is insufficient rainfall to keep the water tank full. This is also dangerous for the children because, if the level in the tank is low, the water becomes stagnant and can cause illness.

We have had a hydrogeological survey done by The Busoga Trust and are currently deciding how to poceed.

Click here to get the latest information.

We have recently reached the fine total of £500 raised by using this scheme when buying goods online.

If you shop online please register to raise funds for ACE at no cost to you.

Click here for further details.

From the Trustees Meeting, November 2008

The ACE trustees held one of their regular meetings on 30th November and discussed the next projects to be carried out.

We are currently concentrating on the schools' sanitary arrangements because several schools had full latrines and would have been faced with possible closure without the problem being addressed.

Emptying of the latrines at Bukazi school (see below) has been completed and new latrines have been constructed at Nyakabaya school. The latrine construction at Nyarusunzu school is still ongoing because of delays caused by very heavy rain making the ground waterlogged.

The trustees have approved similar projects to empty the latrines at Rukongi school and Mukibugu school. This will cost about £300 at each school.

The trustees have also approved, subject to acceptable cost estimates, provision of covers for the water tanks at Nyarusunzu, Bukazi and Kabami schools. This is to prevent insects from dropping into the tanks. All our other schools already have lids on their water tanks.

We are also getting estimates for the construction of removable covers for the windows in several schools. They have classrooms which were built by the government which have no glazing in the windows. This means that rain gets in and stops lessons and also they can be very cold.

We are getting quotes for perspex windows in wooden frames which can be inserted during the rainy season and removed during warm weather.

Rainy season

Cash Prize Raffle

The 2008 Cash Prize Raffle winners were drawn at the trustees' meeting.

The winners were -

1st - £100
Felicity Elliott
2nd - £50
Celia Julian
St. Agnes
3rd - £25
Ann Woodhams
Praa Sands
4th - £15
M. Farmer
5th - £10
Lin Rooney
Eastleigh, Hants

The raffle made a profit for ACE of £294. Thank you to everyone who took part.

ACE's First Japanese Fundraiser

Following his nine months spell of teaching at the ACE schools in Uganda, Eden Quayle is now teaching in Japan. His enthusiasm for the ACE projects and the Ugandan schools is undimmed and he has recently organised a fundraiser at his school.

He wrote -

The exhibition room looked great during the day with pictures of Uganda, statistics and information about Uganda in Japanese, paper cranes made by the students in Uganda dangled from the ceiling, and a video showing life in Uganda was running in the corner.

The International Club members decided to first do their annual talk in front of the whole school on 'Ugandan schools vs. Japanese schools' and then pushed on and changed a whole room into a 'Schools in Uganda' exhibition for the school festival. About a thousand people turned up for the school festival and many passed through the room. All that passed through understood a little more about Uganda and how different life is there compared to Japan.

The girls worked hard and approached all who came through to give a little donation towards schools less fortunate than Minami High School. They walked around the whole day in fact asking for donations and I was amazed how committed they were to the task. As I walked around with them for support, they dashed here and there trying to talk to people or handing out fliers to elderly ladies who had probably never heard of Uganda until today.  
Eden and the girls

They did a fantastic job and I was proud of them, all I had done was show them a video suggested a few ideas and they did the rest.

Twelve students from Minami High School are also writing to Mukibugu school children as part of a pen pal project I have initiated here. A few of the students even talked to Median and Alan from Mukibugu on the phone in Japanese recently. Now that was a special moment, an international call from a distant land for the kids at Mukibugu and for the students here as Japanese came through the loud speaker all they could do was smile.

It looks like ACE has a friend in the Far East.

By the end of the day they had raised 29,373 yen, which equates to about £205 in sterling.

Donations and Collections

We have recently received several donations and money raised by individuals in various ways.

A donation of £100 has been received from Penzance Lions Club.

A grant of £500 has been received from the Cumber Family Charitable Trust in January 2009.

Two local schools raised money for ACE at their 2008 carol services. Heamoor Primary School have donated £120 and Nancledra Primary School £447.

Thank you all very much.

Our collectors were out in Penzance, accompanied by 2 daleks, on a late night shopping evening. They collected £81.

Concert at Gulval Church

The Mounts Bay Singers presented a concert in aid of ACE at Gulval Parish Church on Saturday 8th November 2008.

For details click here.

Work in Progress

David Epidu

David Epidu, ACE's representative in Uganda (left) has recently been visiting the schools around Kisoro and checking the progress of the work currently going on,

As you can see it is the rainy season in Uganda.

He was accompanied by his assistant, Mandela. (right)

Mandela also acts as driver when ACE representatives visit.


One of the main problems facing the schools which ACE supports is with latrines. As we improve the classrooms, more children attend, so the latrines get filled faster.

This picture shows the pit being dug for a new set of latrines at Nyarusunzu school.

Our current work is costing about £5,400. New latrines are also being built at Nyakabaya school and teachers' accommodation is nearly completed at Bukazi.

New Latrine Pit

It is also possible for the existing latrines to be emptied.

The wall at the back of the latrine block is excavated and broken through. The contents are dug out by hand and the wall is then rebuilt.

This unpleasant task is currently going on at Bukazi school.

Emptying Latrines

At the recent ACE trustees' meeting there was a long discussion about latrines.

The latrines illustrated here are the simplest type, known as 'long drop' latrines. They are literally a big pit with a building over the top to provide privacy.

A newer type of latrine is called 'EcoSan'. This provides for the separation of urine and faeces. The solid matter is therefore drier to start with and it can be dried further quite quickly. Mixed with wood ash, it can be used as a valuable fertilizer.

These latrines are much more environmentally friendly, but are more expensive to construct. We are proposing to construct our first EcoSan latrines - a block of three - at Rurembwe school. The project will cost about £2,000.

It is important that the users of EcoSans are properly trained in their use. So there will be a trainer at the school and the block will be used for teaching pupils and teachers from the neighbouring schools when we build more in the future.

If you want to learn a bit more about EcoSan latrines click here.

Nyakabaya water Tank  

David has also been checking the schools' water storage tanks.

This one, at Nyakabaya school, has had a new tap house installed with a locked door to prevent the water being stolen.

This is the teachers' accommodation building under construction at Bukazi school.

When completed it will provide rooms for two teachers.


As you can see from this report, there is more to ACE's work than just building classrooms and putting desks inside.

Record Giving to ACE

The ACE financial year has just finished and we have received record receipts of £40,017.22. This was more than double the 2006/2007 total of £19,507.

We are very grateful to all who have worked so hard and to all who have given.

During the year we have spent £36,791.93 on our projects at the Ugandan schools. The balance in hand is awaiting further money for our next project.

The biggest categories of expenditure were as follows -

Building work
Repairs and maintenence

The financial year 2008-2009 has started with a bang. Angela has collected another cheue for £2,000 from Penwith College and the cream tea held on 7th September raised £310.

Charity Portal - ACE is 1st and 2nd!!

ACE has moved well ahead in 1st place in the International Children's Charity section on the Charity Portal website. We are in 2nd place in the overall classification and have over 12,000 votes.

In case you forgot to vote when you entered the site you can click on the orange button here.

After you have voted, click 'Statistics' then 'Top 10 Voted' and you will see the Top Ten of all the affiliated charities.

The next challenge will take a while. The charity in first place has over 25,000 votes so it will take a long time for ACE to become number one.

Click to Vote

New Classrooms at St. Joseph School

ACE has built a new double classroom block at St. Joseph School at Mwangi and carried out major upgrading of the school latrines.

You can see pictures of the construction by clicking here.

Classrooms Partitioned at Rurembwe

We have recently completed the partitioning of a large classroom to make two smaller ones.

You can see pictures by clicking here.

Two Large Donations for Desks

ACE has been seeking contributions from several charitable trusts who are known to support the sort of work we do.

The first donation we received was £500 from The Calleva Foundation.

We have now also received £1,000 from The Bower Trust.

The donations are earmarked for desks for the schools and we are very grateful to the trustees of both trusts for supporting ACE.

ACE Collection at Land's End

Land's End Sign

ACE held a collection day at Land's End on Tuesday 5th August.

This picture shows ACE trustee, Roger Drew, with a new member of the ACE fundraising team.

Roger Drew and Dalek

Newmill Open Gardens Day 2008

Sunflower Logo


The Open Gardens Day was held in Newmill on Sunday 6th July with a record 8 gardens on show. The rain held off for most of the afternoon although there were a couple of heavy showers.

There was also an art exhibition in the Jamieson Library which benefitted ACE. The participating artists were Margaret Chinn, Meg Jenkins and Pam Furby.

St. Hilary School Make Big Donation

Angela receives cheque

ACE founder, Angela Peake, recently attended a special assembly at St. Hilary Primary School to receive a cheque for ACE. The school had completed a two-year series of fundraising events and presented Angela with the magnificent sum of £4,200.

St. Hilary are linking particularly with the school ACE supports at Nyarusunzu. The money is being spent on a large classroom block which is being built at this very isolated school. The project is also being supported by Penwith College.

Angela Presented with Major Award

Rotary Presentation

Mounts Bay Rotary Club have awarded Angela a Paul Harris Fellowship. This award, named after the founder of Rotary International, is one of the highest awards given by the organisation. She received a medal and a certificate.

The citation on the certificate reads -

Angela Peake is hereby named a Paul Harris Fellow in appreciation of tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations among the peoples of the world.

Angela and her husband, Vic, were invited to the Rotary Club's annual President's Night by President Ed Bufton, who has been a frequent attender at ACE events in Newmill. The award, presented during the evening, was a complete surprise to Angela. The picture show Angela with Ed Bufton and two other award winners.

The Rotary Club also donated the proceeds of the raffle at the event, over £400, to ACE funds.

Building Project completed at Kabami

Our latest building project has recently been completed.

Click here for details and pictures.

Open Garden Raises Funds for ACE

We are grateful to Mr and Mrs Sandy of Wheal Darlington, Long Rock, who recently opened their garden to the public on two days, in aid of ACE.

£414 was raised from admission fees and the sale of wooden garden items

Work Completed at Gitenderi after a Most Generous Donation

In December 2007 we were delighted to announce that ACE had received a very large donation. The local donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, gave £5,000 to the funds. We were able to claim Gift Aid amounting to £1,400 on the donation, boosting it to £6,400.

We are extremely grateful to the donor and the trustees decided that the money should be spent at the Gitenderi primary school.

The school had a partially-built double classroom block. The building was originally funded by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, but has been standing unfinished for some time because the builder went off with the money. Nothing could be done to complete it for a while because it was the subject of litigation.

When our builder, Paul, completed the new classrooms at Nyarusunzu (see below), we moved him and his team to Gitenderi and they commenced work. He takes his own craftsmen but uses local village labour.

It cost about £4,000 to complete the project, which required provision of windows and doors, plastering and painting.

They made good progress and project was finished during April 2008.

The school also needs another double classroom block to be built.


Partially built classrooms

The partially-built classrooms at Gitenderi before the ACE project began


The completed classroom


To read more about Gitenderi school and see more pictures, click here

Dog Show

For information about thedog show, in aid of ACE, held on 16th March, click here.

Penwith College Becoming a Major Sponsor of ACE

College logo  

ACE is delighted to announce another very generous gift from the students of Penwith College.

They have recently donated £2,000, bringing the total they have raised to £7,000.

When asked how they are raising so much money, George Yates, from the College, replied -

Our money comes solely from one source, namely the parties that the Student Association hold at Club 2K. These are usually have a fancy dress theme and, even though we charge a low entry fee and give away hundreds in fancy dress prizes, we still manage to make a fair amount of money from them.

This is partly because the owner of Club 2K, Viv Evans, has been very generous in regard to the financial terms upon which she hosts the parties. So, we've got a partnership comprising ACE, Penwith College Student Association and Club 2K - three small organisations combining to add to the sum of human happiness!

Incidentally, four of our students - Imogen Rutherford, Charlotte Nicholls, Chloe Nicholls and Rebecca Tonkin - have been to Uganda and worked with ACE.

I hope you know that at these parties I'm taking the money on the door and have to put up with a lot of argy bargy and don't get to bed till 4am - and sometimes afterwards am at College at 9am. As it happens, I don't mind late nights!

We are most grateful to George and the students, and to Viv Evans, and glad to hear that they all have fun whilst raising the funds.

The students he mentioned went on the visit to Uganda in 2006 when they were pupils of Mounts Bay School.

Angela and Vic Peake Visit the Schools

Angela Peake, the founder of ACE and chairman of the trustees, made a trip to Uganda with her husband, Vic, in February 2008.

Eden Quayle's mother, Sachiko, went with them.

This picture shows (left to right) Vic and Angela Peake, Eden Quayle and ACE's representative in Uganda, David Epidu.

Visiting party

They had a busy programme, visiting all the schools which ACE supports. They were checking the work that has been carried out and assessing the needs for the future.

They took a large amount of material for the schools.

Also, each school was presented with a Cornish St. Piran's flag.

Cornish Flag
Here Angela and Vic are seen at Rukongi school with the headteacher, Victoria Nyibagwiza.  
At Rukongi

Fast Work at Nyarusunzu

In autumn 2007 ACE received three very generous gifts. Penwith College donated £1,000, Hayle Lions Club £500 and Penwith One Percenters £500.

Several local schools also made donations from various events.

At the October meeting of the ACE trustees it was decided that we now had enough money to commence work on the new 3-classroom block at Nyarusunzu school. The building cost was £9,500.

This has enabled the classroom shown here to be replaced.

  Nyarusunzu class and headmaster
Eden at Nyarusunzu  

This picture shows Eden Quayle with pupils at Nyarusunzu in November.

The new classroom block, which is partially built, can be seen in the background.

Because of the very poor standard of the teachers' accommodation at Nyarusunzu, it was decided to use one of the rooms for this purpose until we can get teachers' quarters built.

Eden took this picture on 15th December, showing that rapid progress had been made.

Classroom roofed
Completed block
  The project was completed and the building was ready for use when the school term commenced at the beginning of February 2008.




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