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2009 - The Year of the Latrine

The ACE trustees designated 2009 as 'The Year of the Latrine'. It doesn't sound as exciting as classroom building but is just as important.

Because ACE has improved the schools so much, more pupils are attending. So the latrines become filled more quickly. A bigger school roll requires new latrines to be built and old ones to be emptied and repaired.

Tha approximate cost of a 5-stance long drop latrine is £2,000 and a 5-stance Ecosan latrine costs about £3,000.

David Epidu has sent us these pictures of work carried out recently.

Refurb at Bukazi

Renovated Latrines at Bukazi School


Kabami New Eco Latrine

New Ecosan Latrines at Kabami School

However, there is always more work to do.

At Kabami school there is a partly-constructed latrine block. It was started by the parents but they have run out of money. David estimates it will cost about £550 to complete it and we have now sent the money to pay for it..

At Nyakabaya school the curtain wall round a latrine block is partially collapsed. We are currently getting an estimate from Paul, our local builder, for its repair or replacement.

Kabami Unfinished Latrine

Kabami Latrine Needs Finishing


Nyakabaya Repair Needed

Curtain Wall at Nyakabaya Needs Rebuilding

To give an idea of the size of the excavations required for a new latrine block, this picture shows the pit being dug for a new set of latrines at Nyarusunzu school in 2008.

The work cost about £5,400.

New Latrine Pit

It is also possible for the existing latrines to be emptied. This picture shows this unpleasant task going on at Bukazi school in 2008.

The wall at the back of the latrine block was excavated and broken through. The contents were dug out by hand and the wall then rebuilt.


Emptying Latrines

Sponsored Walk

ACE's team of walkers completed the course in the Penzance Rotary Club Sponsored Ramble on 20th September 2009.

Click here for more information.

You can see how our fundraising went by clicking here.


Cream Tea

cream Tea  

Angela and Vic Peake hosted a cream tea, in aid of ACE, at their home, Chynoey, Newmill, on Sunday 6th September 2009.

Click here to see how it went.


David Epidu   Click here to read a recent report from David Epidu about the schools ACE supports.

Latest Reports From Our Schools

Eden Quayle

Eden Quayle

Eden Quayle has spent his vacation from his teaching job in Japan revisiting the ACE schools, where he worked for nine months in 2007-2008. He arrived in Uganda at the end of July 2009.

He soon sent us reports on all of the eight ACE schools in the Kisoro region, checking on the general performance of the schools and the work that needs doing.

You can read his reports and see the latest pictures of the schools by clicking on the individual links below -


He was present for the opening of The Rainbow Room at Gitenderi School. You can read more about it and see more pictures by clicking here.

The new classroom was constructed mainly with money raised by Rainbow, a charity started by Eden in Japan. Scroll down this page to read how they did it.

The Rainbow Room

Eden has also been sending regular illustrated blogs about his visit.

Here you can read about -

Destination Kisoro

Arrival at School

Remembering Uganda

Do you take Water for granted?

Homestay with Median

Trying to Teach Volleyball

You can also watch two videos which were made by Eden -

Building Schools, Building Dreams

Life of Children in Uganda - Median's Story

ACE Fundraising

Pound Sign  

The treasurer recently calculated that, since registration in 2005, to 31st July 2009, giving to ACE has amounted to £113,323.

We are very grateful for your support.

Newmill Open Gardens 2009

Poppies & Honeysuckle  

Our annual Open Gardens fundraising event took place on Sunday 21st June 2009.

Click here for more information and pictures.

Grant to ACE

ACE has been awarded a donation of £1,000 from The Angela Gallagher Memorial Fund.

The money is earmarked for the purchase of textbooks for Kabami School.

We are very grateful to the Fund for their generous support.

From Our Japan Correspondent

Following his nine months spell of teaching at the ACE schools in Uganda, Eden Quayle is now teaching in Japan. His enthusiasm for the ACE projects and the Ugandan schools is undimmed and he recently organised a fundraiser at his school. He has also tried to organise a pen pal scheme.

He writes -

The pen pal scheme started in Autumn of last year after I taught a few lessons on Uganda to the students of Minami High school and Shougyou High School both are in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture, south-west Japan.

There were about 45 students involved in the exchange. The Japanese students introduced themselves, their school, their area and aspects of Japanese culture.

Letter arrives

One student even made handkerchiefs for the students in Uganda, other students made origami. The letters took 9 weeks to arrive in Uganda.  
Reading the letters

Because the letters took so long to arrive, the students who wrote the letters have now graduated from school as they were in their final year of high school. They never received a reply.

The school involved on the Ugandan side is Mukibugu. This is Median, who is 14 years old and in P7. She is very good at Japanese.

Median reading her letter

I have now moved schools as I will be working in Fukuoka City but I hope that a few students will carry on with the exchange.

I will ask the Japanese teacher of English if this will be possible and help them as needed.

Greetings to Japan

Eden has organised two fundraising events for ACE.

The first was a beach marathon which will took place on Sunday 24th May on Niji-no-Matsubara Beach in Karatsu City. The marathon of 7km along the beach was called 'Rainbow Run'. Eden has built a website which you can go to by clicking here.

You can watch a promotional video about the Rainbow Run by clicking here and another video Eden has made about Uganda by clicking here.

Rainbow Walk  

Then on Sunday 12th July he organised a sponsored Rainbow Walk along the river bank in Karatsu. This was be aimed more at school children and the local population.

He reported that, after the walk had finished, they turned the event into a mini village fete, with dance performances from Uganda and Japan.

He thinks they have raised over £500 for ACE.

Dog Show

Dog Show

A Dog Show in aid of ACE has recently been held.

Click here for details.

Cape Cornwall School

Cape Cornwall logo  

We are delighted that Cape Cornwall School at St. Just have adopted ACE as a focus for their charitable fundraising.

Two of their staff and three students assisted at the bucket collection at Morrisons supermarket on 21st and 22nd November 2008, when £579 was collected.

Now they are planning 2 fundraising events -

2nd April   Non-uniform day - students to dress in the colours of the Ugandan flag
7th July   Sponsored walk

Further details will be published here as we get them.


Grantley Curnow


Grantley Curnow is the owner of a shop called Serendipity in Fore Street, St. Ives. He previously visited the ACE schools in Uganda with Angela in 2006.

Since then he has supported the charity by selling handicrafts made in the ACE villages in his shop. This has a double benefit - the villagers get paid for their work and Grantley donates the profits to ACE so that the money is returned to Uganda.

In February 2009 he flew out to Uganda to try to further this relationship. He toured the villages with David Epidu and he met up with craft teachers and craft makers.

He took ideas and pictures with him to show what type of things he can sell. He also monitored quality whilst he was there, then handed this over to the craft teachers. He will continue to employ them for a while, as they will be his quality controllers and will also be responsible for sending the crafts back to St. Ives to be sold at Serendipity and sold wholesale to others.

It is an excellent way of getting money back into the communities. You can visit the Serendipity website by clicking here.

Commemorative Plaque Fixed at Nyarusunzu School

Grantley took with him a commemorative plaque which has been placed at Nyarusunzu School.

For further information click here.

The Plaque


From the Trustees Meeting, January 2009

At their meeting on Sunday 18th January 2009, the ACE trustees discussed and approved -

  • Provision of twenty more desks for St. Joseph School. Cost - about 460.
  • Provision of water tank covers (to keep insects out) at three schools. Cost - about 150.
  • Perspex windows for classroom at Gitenderi School. Cost - about 66. One classroom to be done first. More to follow if this system is successful.
  • Provision of new footballs for each school. Cost - about 200.
  • The borehole project at St. Joseph School is on hold at the moment because the estimate of cost came in at over twice what we had expected. We are discussing with Busoga Trust how to proceed.
  • Details of the Dog Show fundraiser were discussed. Click here for information.




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