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A Record Breaking Year for ACE in 2010

ACE's financial year finished on 6th September 2010 and the treasurer announced that we raised £46,955.52 during the year.

This a record for ACE and brings the total raised so far to £157,623.

The trustees thank everyone who has helped to make this possible. Please keep up the good work.

Figures for each year are on the Fundraising page.


Christmas Appeal and ACE's Next Project

The ACE Christmas Appeal 2010 raised £738, plus Gift Aid of £179.95. This makes a total of £917.95. Thank you to everyone who joined in.

When we began the ACE Christmas Appeal we were looking to raise the remainder of the money to complete the new classrooms at Gitenderi but, due to the generous grant we received, we had enough funds to finish that project.

So we decided to use the funds raised from our Christmas Appeal for our next building work at Rukongi.


Visitors from Uganda

Augustine and William  

We recently had two visitors here from Uganda.

You can check out news of their visit by clicking here

ACE Cream Tea

Cream Tea  

The annual ACE Cream Tea took place in Newmill on Sunday 3rd October, with William and Augustine present.

For more information and pictures click here.

ACE Student Sponsorship as Wedding Gift

For their wedding in August 2010, Tom and Marta Gunkel requested that guests wanting to give them something should make a donation to ACE. They set up a page on the JustGiving website and agreed with ACE that the money raised be used in the Student Sponsorship Scheme.

Thanks to the generosity of their guests, they have raised the magnificent sum of £4,390. They are hoping to sponsor two students through the whole of their secondary education.

They visited Cornwall in September and met with the ACE trustees.

Tom & Matra's visit  
R to L: Angela Peake (ACE Chairman), Bette Drew (ACE Treasurer), Tom, Marta, and Janet Pye (ACE Sponsorship Secretary)

Coincidentally, we had just received a message from Dan Mbabazi, the principal of Kisoro Vision School, telling us of an extremely bright 2nd year student who, due to the poverty of his family, was going to have to leave the school. His name is Herbert and he was the top student in the second term, scoring 85% average. (The second highest student scored 69%).

When they heard about his situation, Tom and Marta agreed to become his sponsors, meaning Herbert's education is secured.


Tom and Marta said,

"Sponsoring a child through school is bringing us huge happiness, and we are very glad we chose to do this for our wedding.

We researched very carefully which charity to support, and feel that ACE is where our support could make the biggest impact.

We hope other couples will consider this in the future."



The last quarter of easyfundraising payments were one of the lowest since we started using the scheme.

Please remember to use it if you are buying gifts online in the run up to Christmas....

..... or, especially, if you are buying insurance.

For more details click the easyfundraising logo.



First Honey Produced at an ACE School

Honey Bee


The first honey has been produced and sold by an ACE school.

Click here for details, then click Latest News.

Repairs and New Cupboards

On his recent visit to the schools, David Epidu, reported the progress being made with improvements to Rukongi school.

Golders Hill School in London have formed a link with the school at Rukongi. They have already raised £700 and some of the money is being spent on new cupboards for classrooms. This will enable books to be safely stored at their point of use, rather than having to be collected from a store.

Rukongi Classroom

The headmistress asked if some of the money could be spent on a new floor and repair to the walls in this classroom. (see below)

This has now been completed and has made a big improvement. David wrote -

Rukongi repairs are finished and the classroom now looks very good and much smarter than it was before.

The community and the parents are very happy with ACE for the work they have done.


New floor at Rukongi
At the time he visited, cupboards were being delivered to several schools.
Arrival of desks

These are all ready, but some are still under varnishing and will be delivered as soon as they finish them.

I delivered some to most of the schools apart from only three schools which will get theirs any time (these are Kabami, Mukibugu and Bukazi which have not yet got them).

These were being delivered to Nyakabaya .....

Delivery to Nyakabaya
..... and this one was placed in a classroom at Gitenderi.
New cupboard at Gitenderi

David's July Report

David Epidu  

ACE's representative in Uganda, David Epidu, has just completed a tour of the primary schools and also visited the sponsored students at Kisoro Vision Secondary School. He makes two visits each term and sends a report to the ACE trustees.

He particularly mentioned how clean and tidy the classrooms were at the primary schools. This was something that we had asked the headteachers to address and they had really improved things. School inspector, William, had also been following this up.

David found that the new 3-classroom block at Rurembwe Primary School, which was officially opened in February, was looking very smart.
New Block at Rurembwe

Cupboards for storing books in the classrooms of all the schools are currently under construction in Paul Ndahiriwe's workshop in Kisoro. David and William were loaned the education authority's pick up, and Mandela the driver, and they delivered six cupboards to Nyarusunzu Primary School. As it is the furthest away, Nyarusunzu got the first ones whilst the transport was available.

The other schools will get their cupboards as they are made and Paul is hoping to complete the whole order by the end of August.

Cupboards under construction

David visited the ACE sponsored students at Kisoro Vision Secondary School and delivered some gifts which had been given by sponsors.

He reported that all the students need new shoes and school uniforms. Currently they only have one school uniform each and, as they wash them every day, the uniforms are getting very worn.

Sponsored students July 2010

David also checked up on the ACE Honey Project. The trustees had authorised him to purchase some more hives.

He wrote -

At the time I was there, there were no beehives readily available, and those people were charging me more, so I decided to talk to Paul to see if he could make them for me. He told me it was easy for him, so by now the beehives must be ready for delivery, coz the last time I talked to him last week, he had already made ten of them.

This is a good example of how David gets us good value for the money.

This picture shows the site at Gitenderi School, prepared for its beehives.

Gitenderi Beehive site

Schools Raising Money for ACE

St. Hilary School  

On 1st July we received a cheque for £1,170 from St. Hilary School.

This brings the total raised for ACE by St. Hilary to £5,370 and we are very grateful to them for their continued support.

Their donation of £4,200 in 2008 was used to pay for a new classroom at Nyarusunzu School.

This donation will be put towards the new classroom block at Gitenderi School. (See below)

We have also recently received a donation of £210 from St. Erth Primary School. This picture shows Angela Peake receiving the cheque at the school.

We have also been given £268 by Longwood School & Nursery, Bushey, Hertfordshire.

Thank you all for your efforts on behalf of the primary school children in the ACE schools in Uganda. Your gifts will also go towards the cost of the new classrooms at Gitenderi.

St Erth presentation

From the Trustees

The ACE trustees met on 27th June and some important decisions were made.

The next building project will be a 4-classroom block at Gitenderi School. The school is in desperate need of new classrooms and the block will cost about £16,000. We are putting the proceeds of our Open Gardens Day towards it and, with money already raised, we have about half of the cost. We will need to raise about £8,000 more before we can start.

Golders Hill School in London have formed a link with the ACE-supported school at Rukongi.

They have already raised £700 for Rukongi and some of the money is being spent on new cupboards for classrooms. This will enable books to be safely stored at their point of use, rather than having to be collected from a store.

Rukongi sign

We contacted Victoria Nyiragwiza, the headmistress of Rukongi School to ask her what she would like the rest of the money spent on. When the ACE party visited Rukongi in February they made a list of the school's needs, so Victoria could choose anything from the list.

After a meeting of the school management committee, she has requested that the money be spent of a new floor in the P5 classroom and the repair of a wall. These had both been noted previously as being in a very bad state so will be a big improvement. David Epidu will get estimates for the cost of the work from our builders.

We are very grateful to Golders Hill School for their support.


The Bower Trust have given ACE a grant of £600 for textbooks and the trustees decided the books should be given to Bukazi School. This is the second grant ACE has received from The Bower Trust and we are very grateful to them.

We are hoping that two representatives from our schools will visit Cornwall during September. One is William Balibutsa, the local school inspector, and the other is Augustine Mbonigaba, the former headmaster of Mukibugu School.

They will be based at St. Hilary Primary School, looking at school management and organisation, as well as general school practice. With the help of UK teachers, they will put together a workshop to implement with the rest of ACE heads and teachers when they return home.

They will also visit clubs and schools who have supported us in the past to tell them what ACE money has done.

Newmill Open Gardens 2010

The treasurer has reported that the provisional figure for the profit at the Garden Day on Sunday 20th June is £3,311.

The quilt, made and donated by Janet Pye, was won by Edris Stratford.

You can read more, and see pictures, by clicking here

ACE Awarded Grant for Honey Project

Honey Bee  

Following the feasability study carried out by Toby Martin, the first beehives were placed at Kabami school.

ACE has now been awarded a grant of £1,331 from The Waterloo Foundation to enable us to continue to place hives at other schools and to provide beekeepers' equipment.

We are very grateful to The Waterloo Foundation for their support.

Click on the bee for more information.

easyfundraising News

The total raised by ACE supporters using easyfundraising now exceeds £1,000.

Click here for more information.

ACE Honey Project

An ACE hive  

Following Toby Martin's feasability study, and preparation work, the ACE Honey Project has now begun.

We hope this will enable some of our schools to start to raise their own funds.

Click here for information and pictures.

Never Too Young

Alfie and Gideon  

You are never too young to be an ACE supporter!

The Futerman family from London have become interested in ACE and their two older boys, Alfie and Gideon, decided to raise some money.

They decorated the family car with homemade ACE posters and went to a carboot sale. The result of their efforts was a donation of £303 for ACE.

They are trying to get their school interested in ACE and hope to raise even more in the future.

Well done, boys, and thank you.

London Marathon 2010

For London Marathon news, click here

Marathon Logo

Fundraising and Donations

We have recently received a donation of £1,500 from Penwith College.

Also we have received £375 from the Barn Club. The management agreed to donate £1 each time a Penwith College student attends a Barn Club party. Fortunately for ACE, they attend pretty regularly!

Barn Club party

We are grateful to Liz Eliot from Goldsithney for a generous donation of £500.

On Friday 16th and Saturday 17th October our collectors at Morrison's supermarket collected £700.66. This is the highest amount raised since we started these collections.

Our entrants in the Penzance Rotary Ramble on 20th September raised a total of £1,528. £1,146 has gone to ACE and £382 to the Rotary Club charities. Click here for more details.

Charlotte Nicholls (former Mounts Bay & Penwith College student) raised £53 from a car boot sale of her unwanted items.

Following talks given by Angela, ACE received a donation of £70 from Germoe & District W I, £60 from Coffee Mates of Crowlas and £31 from University of the Third Age.

The final Rosudgeon car boot sale collection for 2009 raised £31. During the year our collectors have raised £287.

Novelty Dog Show

A Novelty Dog Show, in aid of ACE, took place on Sunday, 28th February 2010, at Marazion Community Hall.

For details and pictures click here

2010 Visit to Uganda

A 6-strong party from ACE has returned from a visit to Uganda. They flew to Entebbe where they were met by ACE representative, David Epidu. They also meet up with Will and Angie Laarakker from our Dutch partner charity, You4Uganda, and they travelled to Kisoro together. The trip represented the tenth anniversary of the two charities working in the area during which time they have contributed over £0.5 million of aid.

During the visit the various members of the party initially made some visits together and then each had individual projects -

Angela and Vic Peake visited all of the ACE-supported primary schools in the area. At each school they spent time with the headteacher and staff and met the pupils. They checked that the work carried out by ACE since their last visit in 2008 had been satisfactorily completed and is being well maintained. They also carried out an assessment of each school's needs for the future.

They visited Kisoro Vision Secondary School and met with the pupils there who are being sponsored through ACE. They have obtained personal details about each pupil in the scheme and taken photographs. This will enable us to give each sponsor an information pack about 'their' child. We will distribute these in March.

The highlight of the tour was the official opening of the new three-classroom block built by ACE at Rurembwe (see below).

Toby Martin has volunteered to work for ACE in Uganda for three months. He spent the first two weeks visiting the schools with Angela and Vic and making himself known to the headteachers. His other task during their visit was to take video footage so that Angela will have a new and up-to-date presentation to give to ACE supporters and friends on her return. During his remaining time there he is investigating new ways in which ACE can make progress in the future. One project he is looking into is the possibility of setting up beehives at the schools so that they can make money by selling honey.

Janet Pye has recently volunteered to coordinate the Student Sponsorship Scheme. She visited the students who are in the scheme and also visited the primary schools. There she undertook some teaching, particularly concentrating on reading and telling the time.

Luke Pye is Janet's son and the brother of George, who previously visited the schools with the party from Mounts Bay in 2006. During this trip Luke carried out repairs on the playground equipment which ACE has provided. He also taught some lessons - English and games.

Judith Nicholls is the mother of Charlotte and Chloe, who both also took part in the 2006 visit. Judith visited the schools and did some teaching of reading to small groups of children. She was also checking on provision for pupils with special needs.

Student Sponsorship News

January each year is a critical period for our Student Sponsorship Scheme. This was especially so in 2010 as we made changes to the way we operate.

When we started the scheme the pupils were at different schools, some boarders and some day-pupils. There was no doubt that the boarders were doing better. The day-pupils had to walk such long distances each day, and carry out household tasks when they got home. This made it impossible to keep up with their homework. So the trustees decided that all our sponsored pupils should board at school.

Kisoro Vision Badge   We have also been able to assess the different schools. We have decided that the best school in Kisoro for our pupils is Kisoro Vision Secondary School and this term we are moving our sponsored pupils who were at other schools to this school. Although the school buildings at Kisoro Vision are not as good as some other schools, the academic standard is the highest in the area. ACE representatives who have visited the school said that the pupils are very happy there and particularly commented that there is no bullying at the school.

In mid-January wereceived the primary school examination results which told us which of the pupils at the ACE schools achieved Grade 1 or a high Grade 2, making them eligible for secondary school sponsorship.

We also liased with David Epidu, ACE's Ugandan representative, and Mr. William, the local school inspector. They helped us to decide which of the high-scoring pupils had the greatest need and would benefit most from support from our sponsors.

On Sunday 24th January the ACE trustees, together with Sponsorship Coordinator, Janet Pye, met and discussed the allocation of sponsorship. It was decided to offer ACE sponsorship to 10 pupils this year. At the time we had 8 sponsors waiting to be allocated a child. We will support the other two, using a grant of £500 which we received from the Cumber Family Charitable Trust. We will allocate personal sponsors to these two pupils as soon as we have them.

The 10 pupils chosen for sponsorship have come from a good spread of ACE schools. There are 3 from Bukazi, 2 from Rurembwe, 2 from Nyarusunzu, and 1 each from Rukongi, Mukibugu and Kabami. Unfortunately, they were not so evenly distributed between the sexes - there are 8 boys and 2 girls.

David then had about a week to get all the shopping required for our pupils to begin at the school when term commenced in the last week of January. You may be interested to see what a pupil requires. If so click here. You can use the currency converter on this page to work out how much things cost in British pounds.

David then met up with the new intake of pupils joining the ACE Sponsorship Scheme and did their shopping with them. He sent us these pictures -

David and pupils

New mattresses
Boxes and jerrycans  

Here are 16 of ACE sponsored students at Kisoro Vision School in their new uniforms.

Whilst the ACE party was in Uganda in February they enrolled another student into the scheme, so we are now supporting 18 students.

The latest addition is Rosemary who was educated at Bukazi Primary School and got a Grade 1 in her leaving examinations.


ACE students Feb 2010

We are currently assembling an information pack for each student which will be sent to their sponsors soon. It will contain a brief resumé and photographs and a letter from the student.

If you would like to sponsor a pupil please get in touch as soon as possible. Also, please send this information on to anyone else who you think might help.

Cape Cornwall School

At the end of November 2009, Angela attended Cape Cornwall School, St. Just, to receive a cheque for ACE.

The school had spent a year fundraising with various activities, including a sponsored walk carrying water.

The total raised was £1,772 and ACE is very grateful to the pupils for all their efforts.

Three New Classrooms for Rurembwe

In November 2009 ACE agreed to replace a very delapidated and unsafe block of three classrooms at Rurembwe School. Despite their dangerous state, the classrooms were still in use.

The main school holiday period in Uganda begins at the end of November and classes recommence at the end of January 2010. For that reason it was important that the building work started at the beginning of December and the new rooms built, ready for use next term.

So the ACE trustees took an unusual step and one they had never taken before. They gave the go-ahead for the building work, despite not having the whole of the estimated £13,000 cost in the ACE bank account.

This picture, taken by David Epidu, shows some of the parents beginning the demolition of the old classrooms so that Paul, our builder, could commence work as soon as possible.


Paul sent us these pictures of the work in progress on 16th December. It looks like the whole village is helping.

David Epidu went to check on progress and sent us this report -


Construction is in progress and the contractor is very busy as he wants to finish the block in as soon as possible. He wants that by the time Angela comes to Uganda in February they will be opening the new ACE classrooms at Rurembwe and Gitenderi officially.

The classroom block at Rurembwe was costed at about Uganda Shs 38,000,000/=. About Shs 29,450,000/=, has been paid to the contractor and the balance is now needed for buying iron sheet and windows and the finishing materials, ALSO MONEY FOR WINDOW BURGLAR PROOF is needed.

  Each window burglar is costed at Shs 35,000/= (about £12) including transport to the site and there are about 21 windows in a three classroom block, That means that we need 735,000/= more for the burglar proof. You asked me if the contingency money would be used for the same, but it is not possible as the contractor forgot to include the quote for the RIDGES in the Bill of Quantities so the contingency will not cover such shortages.

Otherwise ACE has done a lot of construction in Kisoro Schools and all those who have benefited are so happy with what the charity has done in there schools. Most of the latrine work has been done this year, and latrine is not such a big problem at the moment though we could have some few which need attention. To say the truth ACE has made a big impact in Kisoro as a district and many people now know about the charity's work. I wish to thank Angela Peake and all those who have contributed to ACE activities in Uganda.

Everybody in Kisoro now is waiting for the coming of the ACE group in February, Please you will be very welcome to Uganda, by all those who have heard about you. Hope this report is fine for you and in case of any thing you need to know from me please don't hesitate to ask.

On 8th January 2010 David sent the following pictures and message -

Dear Angela and all the trustees -

Greeting to you all and wishing you luck in the new year. Please I really feel great when I see whatever I am doing going well.

Just see the pictures. It has made a good beginning of my year and needs no words.

Great people always do great things, that is why Paul becomes one of the greatest people for ACE project.

New classroom block

Just look at the picture. It is good to deal with trusted people, because they always make others happy.

I thank Paul for the the great job he does for ACE, and I thank those who have contributed funds for this project.

Hope this will make every one happy please.


New classroom block

Part of the new block

When the visiting ACE team arrived in February the finishing touches were being put to the classroom block.


Painting   This picture clearly shows the new window system we have adopted to add security and prevent breakage of glass in the windows by footballs.
The ACE team  
The ACE team were given a warm welcome at the handing over ceremony.
Angela speaking  
Angela addressed the crowd and there was singing and dancing.
Ribbon cutting  
There was an official ribbon-cutting ceremony ....
.... and the handover was complete.

You can click here to see a short video of part of the celebrations at the opening of the new block.

This is a project that ACE can be very proud of. The trustees would like to thank all our supporters who made donations so that we had enough money to complete it.


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