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November Fundraiser in Scarborough

Val Humphreys has held another successful fundraiser for ACE.

You can read about it, and see pictures, by clicking here

ACE Receives Large Donation

We have recently received a donation of £1,200 from a local person who wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you very much.

Books Delivered to ACE Schools

Reed Elsevier logo

Earlier this year ACE was awarded a grant of $10,000 (£6,101) from the charity funds of the international publishing company, Reed Elsevier.

The money was specifically for the purchase of reading books for our schools.



William Balibutsa, the school inspector for the Kisoro region, who visited Cornwall in 2010, liased with the heads of the schools and they chose the books together.

The books were purchased in Kampala and delivered to Kisoro where they were sorted for distribution to the ACE schools.

Victoria looks at the books


Victoria Nyiragwiza, the headmistress of Rukongi school, came along to help with the sorting.

Altogether 4,683 reading books were purchased with the grant. If you would like to see a list of what was bought, click here.

Ready for distribution   We are very grateful to Reed Elsevier for their support.

New Handwashing Facilities

Handwashing at Bukazi  

When Angela & Vic Peake and Val Humphreys toured the ACE schools in October 2011, they found that some of the schools had installed handwashing facilities by the latrines. This one is at Bukazi school.

With no running water, the arrangement is ingenious.

Gitenderi Handwashing  

The water is stored in a plastic jerrycan which is suspended on a frame. It is attached to a wooden 'foot pedal' by string. Pressing the pedal tilts the can and the water pours.

This one, at Gitenderi school, also had a plastic bottle cut in half, containing soap.

Val tries Kabami handwashing  
This picture shows Val using the facilities at Kabami school, where they had a slightly different arrangement.

ACE to Adopt Two New Schools

Whilst we are very pleased with the improvements we have been able to make in the schools ACE has adopted, we are aware that the number of pupils at some nearby schools have become depleted. Children move to the ACE schools making them overcrowded and leaving neighbouring schools under populated.

So, during their October 2011 visit, Angela and Vic Peake visited two schools which are close to ACE schools. These schools are Gisozi, which is close to the ACE-supported school at Mukibugu, and Kamfizi, which is close to Gitenderi and Rukongi.

Eden Quayle had also visited the school at Gisozi in summer 2011 and reported back to the trustees -

Gisozi is an under populated school. Its population has been gradually falling in the last few years as more and more children have been drawn to Mukibugu.

The grounds are large and wide enough to accommodate 600 pupils or more but it only has 342 currently.

It would be an easy school to take on as the headmaster, Julius Besigye, was deputy at Bukazi so knows of ACE and is a hard working man. It would simply be a job of repairing the old classrooms and emptying the latrines. After that the population is likely to increase as word spreads that ACE is supporting the school. This would take pressure off Mukibugu which is dangerously over populated.

Unless there are schools with greater need, I would recommend taking this school on.

This is the headmaster of Gisozi school, Julius Besigye.  
Gisozi headmaster

Gisozi school sign
You are welcomed by this sign.
Gisozi classroom  
The classrooms are very old .....
Classroom interior
..... and the interiors are very dark .....
Gisozi in the rain
..... and when it rains the surroundings get very wet.

At Kamfizi, the headmaster is Edward Ntirenganya.
Kamfizi headmaster

old classrooms
Classrooms are old with unrendered stone walls.
Unrendered walls
It isn't surprising that children would rather move to schools with new ACE classrooms.
Classroom interior
Inside they are dark and uninviting. The only thing brightening this room is the flash on the camera.
No windows
There are no windows, just holes in the walls. This lets in the wind as well as light and it does get cold at some times of the year.
Kamfizi latrines
Latrines are old and some are full.

At the ACE trustees' meeting on 30th October, it was decided to assist both schools. ACE representative, David Epidu, will visit them when he tours the schools in November, and will discuss their needs with the heads.

At the same time that these additional schools are being adopted, we are going to cease supporting two other schools -

St. Joseph School at Mwangi is in a different part of Uganda, situated north of Kampala. It became an ACE-supported school because Angela Peake was taken there on her first trip to Uganda. However, as it is not in the Kisoro region, it is much more difficult and expensive to work there. It takes Angela or David Epidu two extra days to get to the school when visits are made. We are pleased with the improvements we have made at St. Joseph's but we have decided to concentrate all our future efforts on the southwest region centred on Kisoro.

We have been concerned for some time about the school we have supported at Nyakabaya. When Angela and Vic Peake visited recently they found the headmistress and all the teachers absent from the school although hundreds of children were running around. At a second visit there were two teachers there and the headmistress was again away. This was the culmination of a number of problems with this school and the head has been warned previously that ACE would withdraw support unless things improved. The trustees have decided reluctantly to drop Nyakabaya from the ACE project.

Angela and Vic were impressed with the dedication of heads and staff at both Gisozi and Kamfizi as they struggled to maintain standards in appalling conditions. We feel that they are more deserving of our, and your, support. Kamfizi has a double classroom block that was started by the parents but is unfinished as they ran out of money. We will probably be getting an estimate to complete the project.

Collection Record Broken

Morrisons logo

Our supermarket collectors have been very successful in 2011, raising a total of £2,592.

The two-day collection at Morrisons on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th July raised a record £701.54.

Previous best results were £700 in October 2009 and £699 in October 2010.

Well done everyone who helped.

Gift of New Classroom for Mukibugu

Howard & Hilda Budden  

A new classroom is currently under construction at Mukibugu Primary School in memory of Howard and Hilda Budden.

Click here for details and pictures. New pictures added on 12th December 2011.

Repairs and Replacements

Before Eden Quayle visited the schools in August 2011, the ACE trustees had asked him to send us reports on the maintenance requirements for each school. He sent us comprehensive lists with photographs.

ACE feels that, after we have built classrooms, the schools should take responsibility for reasonable repairs. They have small budgets for this and can also raise small amounts from the local community. We have stressed to the headteachers that the classrooms must be looked after. So we were very disappointed to receive Eden's reports of many broken windows. Of course, windows will get broken from time to time, but ACE feels that the schools should be able to replace the glass.

We decided to get a bit tougher this time and the schools were informed that, if they didn't carry out simple maintenance, ACE would not carry out any more major projects for them.

This has had a dramatic result.

When David Epidu toured the schools in early September he found new glass being fitted everywhere.

New glass

This work was going on at Rukongi school .....

Repairs at Rukongi

..... and this was at Bukazi.

Perhaps part of the problem is the number of men it takes to fit a pane of glass?

Work at Bukazi

The work at Mukibugu had already been completed.

One of the trustees is willing to donate a putty knife for future repairs!

But at least they are done.

Work done at Mukibugu

Another item that frequently occurred on Eden's lists was broken taps on water storage tanks. It is not surprising they get broken as they get heavy usage.

But they are not very expensive to replace and ACE feels that the schools should do jobs like this themselves.

So David was very pleased to find this one being replaced when he arrived at Rukongi school.

Replacement of water tap

Of course, some repairs are beyond the ability of the villagers. Eden found this broken water storage tank at Kabami school.

The problem with plastic tanks is that they become brittle after long periods in strong sunlight. Concrete tanks are much more expensive but are much better in the long term.

Broken tank at Kabami school

The trustees decided to replace the broken tank at Kabami with a 25 cubic metre capacity concrete tank.

This was completed as quickly as possible.

The cost was £4,000.


Travel in Uganda

Eden had reported that the main road into Kisoro from Kampala had been greatly improved since he was there previously. However, that doesn't apply to the local roads to our schools.

Road repairs   David recently reported -

It was quite difficult because the rain was much most of the days, the first time and third day I had to hire a vehicle to go the schools.

Actually the first day was terrible as we found that the road between Nyakabaya and Rurembwe was closed and some good Samaritan had to bring stones in his truck to put on the bad part of the road for others to pass.

They had to charge everyone Shs 10,000/= to allow you to cross. You can see the work in one of the pictures. Hiring a car was Shs 80,000/= plus Shs 60,000/= for fuel for a day.

William told me that, by the time you be here, rains would have reduced and his 4WD pick will be repaired for us in case of bad weather.

The day I travelled to Kisoro our bus broke down at a round 1.30 am and we had to stay in one spot for three hours for the bus to be fixed, but I still enjoyed the experience. What I wanted was to reach Kisoro the next day, so we actually reached there at around 11.00 am in the morning hours.

(Shs 10,000 is about £2.50)

Grant for Text Books

Reed Elsevier logo

Some time ago ACE applied for a grant from the charity funds of the international publishing company, Reed Elsevier.

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded $10,000 and we have now received £6,101.

We are very grateful to Reed Elsevier for their support. The money is specifically for the purchase of textbooks for our schools.

Eden Revisits Uganda

Eden Quayle has recently been revisiting the schools in Uganda.

He sentback reports to the ACE trustees about maintainence work needed at each school and is also wrote several blogs.

To read his blogs click here. Latest blogs added on 20th August.

Eden Quayle

Fundraisers at Newmill and Scarborough


ACE supporters have recently held their own fundraisers.

Click here for details.


Newmill Open Gardens 2011

Trelynden border  

Our annual Open Gardens event was held on Sunday 19th June.

For details click here

Luke in Uganda

Luke Pye has just come home after making his second visit to the ACE schools in Uganda. He will report to the trustees at their next meeting on 28th May.

You can read his blog by clicking here. Last updated 23rd April.


Luke Pye


Enough donations have accumulated on our Desk Appeal page to commission the manufacture of 57 more.

They will be distributed as follows -


Thank you to everyone who has contributed.


Carpentry workshop
When ACE representative, David Epidu, visited the workshop on 20th June, he found that production of the desks is proceeding well.
Desk production

Fundraiser in Scarborough

ACE has a developing 'support group' in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

Click here to read about their latest fundraising event.

A Sad Loss

With great sadness we have to report that ACE trustee, Roger Drew, died peacefully on 14th April 2011. He had been unwell since the latter part of last year and had spent most of that time in hospital. When the doctors could do no more for him he chose to return home and be nursed there.

Roger and Bette Drew have both given great service to ACE since Angela started it in 2001 and both became trustees when ACE registered with The Charity Commission in January 2005. Bette has been treasurer since the beginning and for the past few years Roger has been secretary.


Roger Drew

Roger also worked tirelessly for ACE behind the scenes and he and Bette personally sponsored secondary school students well before the days of ACE having a formalised Sponsorship Scheme. He spent many hours making wooden items in his workshop which were sold in aid of ACE funds, especially on the annual Newmill Open Gardens days when he welcomed visitors to his garden at Newmill Cottages. His bird houses, planters and rocking horses are all over the neighbourhood.

In addition to his work in a lawyer's office, Roger was well known locally and nationally as a comedy entertainer and magician. He was well enough respected as a performer that he lectured each year at annual conferences of magicians. No one who attended will ever forget the Evening of Cabaret and Magic that he organised and compered, in aid of ACE, in November 2005. It was a hilarious evening - several people said that they had never laughed so much in their lives and the 'volunteers' he persuaded to assist him certainly never knew where their wristwatch or £10 note disappeared to. (They did eventually get them back!) You can see a note and pictures on our archived fundraising page - click here and scroll down the page to 2005.) Roger also compered the concert given by Mounts Bay Singers at Gulval Church in 2008 and got up to some of his old tricks in the interval.

A celebration of Roger's life took place on 20th April and he was interred, wearing his stage suit and accompanied by his magic wand and a pack of playing cards, at Penwith Woodland Burial Place at Buryas Bridge. In addition to his family, there was a large attendance of friends and neighbours. Rev. Tim Hawkins, an old friend of Roger's, and of ACE, conducted the ceremony. Simultaneously, Roger's friends in Kisoro, especially William and Augustine who visited Cornwall last September, met together and held a silent remembrance of him.

Everyone connected with ACE sends their condolences and sympathy to Bette and the family. Roger will not be forgotten by those who knew him and the work he has helped with, to improve education in south west Uganda, will stand as a lasting memorial.

Teachers' Initiatives at Rurembwe and Gitenderi

Between November 2009 and January 2010 ACE replaced a very delapidated and unsafe block of three classrooms at Rurembwe School. Despite their dangerous state, the classrooms were still in use. The new classrooms were officially opened during the visit of an ACE team in February 2010.

When David Epidu visited in April 2011 he found that the teachers had decorated the outside walls of the classroom block. The designs show the construction of several geometric figures.


Decorated walls at Rurembwe

When he visited the schools again in June 2011 he found that the teachers at Gitenderi had also decorated the outside walls of their new ACE classrooms.

Their designs consisted of drawings of agricultural implements.

Decoration at Gitenderi

Humphry Davy Skype with Kisoro Vision

Skype logo  

Angela Peake was invited to attend Humphry Davy School, Penzance, on 29th March to join their International Prefects meeting. They had planned to use Skype to talk with students at Kisoro Vision School, where the students in The ACE Student Sponsorship Scheme are educated.

Luke Pye was at Vision to sort out any problems.

Angela reports -

The connection was made at about 2.40 and the Humphry Davy students introduced themselves to the Vision students. There were about 11 UK students and maybe 8 from Vision.

I was so proud of the Ugandan students as their English was excellent and very clear and they were not phased at all by the modern technology.

They ranged from S1 to S6 and two of them were ACE-sponsored students. William Balibutsa, the Kisoro Area School Inspector,and Dan Munyambaba, the Director of Vision School were also there and wanted to speak as well.

Simeon Royle, one of the Assistant Heads at Humphry Davy, invited Dan and William and some students to the UK in Oct for an International meeting which is being held in Cornwall.

Hopefully this link will continue.

Renovations at Rukongi School

Rukongi Old Classrooms  

Rukongi School had an old dilapidated block of two classrooms which could not be used. They stand adjacent to the new classrooms built in 2006 with funding from Mounts Bay School.

Paul, our contractor, looked at them when he was building there in 2006 and said that he thought that, although they are in a bad state, they could be renovated rather than being demolished.

New Classroom

Block built by Mounts Bay School

Building for Renovation

Adjoining block to be rebuilt

The school desperately needs more classrooms and Paul's plan is to remove the roof and start building from the ring beam. The building will get a new roof and be plastered and finished. It will have a cement floor, something it never had previously.

The cost will be about 20 million Ugandan Shillings - about £6,000. This represents a large saving on the equivalent current cost of a new building and the ACE trustees think it will be good value for money.

February 2011  
When David Epidu visited in February 2011 work was in full swing and is due to be completed in April.

These pictures were taken on 16th March and show the progress being made.
The bars on the windows are for security and also to prevent them from being broken by footballs.

When David Epidu visited in April the building work was completed and decoration was taking place.


The interiors of the classrooms were being painted. They will come into use when the new term starts after the Easter holidays.

All we need now are the desks ............

Interior painting
Eden Quayle took this picture of the renovated classrooms when he visited in August 2011.
August 2011

.......... Special 2011 Appeal for Desks for Rukongi School

We are currently making a special appeal for desks for the two rebuilt classrooms at Rukongi School. We need to raise £1,750 to buy 40 pupils' desks, 2 teacher's desks and chairs, and 2 classroom cupboards.

Click on the JustGiving logo to see how we are doing.

You could also donate a desk by clicking onto our Desk Appeal page.

JustGiving logo

Two Open Gardens Events in June

Penny's Garden  

We will be holding the annual Newmill Open Gardens Day again this year and this will be our 7th year.

In addition we have another very special garden, open to the public for the first time, which you can visit.

Click here for details.

Trustees Meeting

The ACE trustees met on 13th March and went through David Epidu's February report (see below) in detail. They decided on the following -

  • to pay for the emptying of the latrines at Rurembwe and Nyakabaya and for repairs to the latrines at Rukongi
  • to pay Shs.193,000 (about £55) to complete the Girls' Private Room at Rurembwe
  • to pay Shs.298,000 (close to £100) to finish the latrines at Kabami
  • to start to build an additional classroom at Mukibugu, but not until the classrooms at Rukongi are completed. This should be about 2 weeks.
  • to have an appeal on JustGiving to try to obtain more desks for both pupils and teachers
  • to hold a coffee morning at Chynoey on the May Bank Holiday - Monday 2nd May

Desk Donations

Nancledra logo

Nancledra Primary School have donated £123 to ACE and asked that it be spent on desks. It will be enough to provide 5 desks.

A day or two later we received £230 from Alverton Primary School which will buy another 9 desks.

We are very grateful to both schools.

Alverton logo

As we have recently completed the new 4-classroom block at Gitenderi School and are currently building at Rukongi we are going to need a lot more desks, so these donations are a great help.

If you would like to assist please check out our Desk Donation page.

February 2011 Report From David Epidu

David and Luke

David Epidu with Luke Pye


ACE's representative in Uganda, David Epidu, has just completed a tour of the schools we support accompanied by Luke Pye. He sent the trustees a comprehensive report, listing the needs of each school.

They also visited the secondary school students we support at Kisoro Vision School.

He concluded his report with this list of observations and priorities -

  • Actually all schools are suffering from having a lack of furniture, desks and teachers furniture, so I think we need to work on this problems, so that our pupils are seated comfortably when they in classrooms for better studies.
  • Two schools are very uncomfortable, since they have got not enough latrines for the pupils (sanitation very important than any thing).
  • We need to think of providing our schools with metallic sports equipment, other than using wooden poles as they are always being destroyed by termites and people moving around during holidays take them for cooking.
  • ACE schools are the best respected schools in the whole district because of the projects that have been put in through the effort of the charity.
  • Teachers from other school come and ask me how they could join this ACE school because of the good relationship the schools have with the outside world and equipment the schools get from ACE.
  • These schools are also being respected by the District officials because of ACE.
  • They are among the best shining schools in the whole District and most respected.
  • These schools have the happiest children because of the activities like games good learning condition and now the teachers are learning to be committed to their duties so as to make their pupils perform better than others from other schools.
  • The schools are receiving big numbers of pupils because of the good news about sponsorship for bright pupils.
  • Parents also like to bring their children because of the white volunteer students from UK who come and do various activities in these schools during their holidays.

Just to assure you ACE may be a small charity in the UK, but it makes a big difference in Kisoro and it is among the best charities known to the District so far. This is because of what it has done since it started its operations in Uganda.

Hope you will enjoy content of the report, humble request to those who have contributed to ACE. - Please may you continue supporting the ACE charity however little you have will make a change in Kisoro and will save poor ones from keeping their knowledge at home and just get wasted due to poor parents who can not afford fees.


New Students Join ACE Sponsorship Scheme

Nine new students have been enrolled into the ACE Student Sponsorship Scheme for the 2011 school year. They are pictured on the sponsorship page.

First Teachers' Workshop Takes Place in Kisoro

Following their visit to Cornwall in October 2010, Augustine Mbonigaba and William Balibutsa have held the first seminar for teachers and headteachers of the ACE primary schools. It was held on Saturday 19th February 2011 in Kisoro Town Council Hall and was attended by 65 teachers and 7 headteachers. This was over 75% attendance.

Teachers of Nyarusunzu school did not attend because of the long distance of travel. William and Augustine have arranged to go there themselves soon and hold a similar workshop for them.

Augustine and William

Augustine and William


William reported -

The teachers were told about the history of ACE's involvement and they discussed how the schools had benefited from the charity in detail, school by school. To most of the teachers, this was new information. They were also informed of our visit to the UK and also told how funds to help our schools are raised.

All this was intended to show the teachers that some people in the UK are working very hard to help educate our children and a lot has been achieved. What we must now do is to continue to improve on our academic performance standards.

We made a baseline assessment. The teachers outlined the problems each school had, ranging from poor attendance of both teachers and pupils to lack of sufficient instructional and resource management, not excluding poor assessment management of pupils' learning.

Some of the teachers  

We discussed activities to improve on our standards. Out of the list of many gaps identified, it was agreed that they be prioritised as follows -

1. Management of registers of pupils by marking them daily, without missing, and making follow up of the children who absent themselves regularly.

2. Having daily informal morning staff meetings to clear off any eventualities that can lead to the children missing lessons.

3. Setting standards in every school that will check proper utilisation of instructional and resource management.

4. Setting a level of attainment and emphasising the management of homework and other remedial instructions.

Baby came too   It was agreed that all this should start immediately. More would be done after harmonising the above.
Class of teachers  

The Way Forward

The teachers agreed -

  • to be presentable and disciplined and to stick to the teachers' code of conduct
  • to meet again like this in April and evaluate themselves together with their headteachers and the Inspector
  • that the Inspector visits every school at least once a fortnight
  • that we think of prizes to give to teachers and headteachers who perform well to create a spirit of competition
  • that we revive the sports activities by competing for the Eden Cup
  • that the education office does not remove teachers from their schools

In the final remarks on behalf of the teachers, the headmaster of Gitenderi Primary School expressed the importance of the workshop and requested this to be happening periodically until ACE schools pick up a culture where good standards can be sustained.

Otherwise, on my behalf as an Inspector of schools, I got an opportunity to express to them what is expected of them.

The cost of the workshop was provided by ACE, using the remaining money that had been donated for William and Augustine's visit to Cornwall. The trustees feel that this has been an exercise which will greatly benefit the schools. We are very grateful to the organisations and individuals who donated funds to make it possible.

Kisoro Vision Scores Well

Vision badge  

Secondary Schools in Uganda are rated annually in a league table, according to their O Level exam results. The results for 2010 have recently been published and Kisoro Vision School, which is attended by the students enrolled in the ACE Sponsorship Scheme, has done well.

It is rated 144th nationally, out of 3,206 secondary schools in Uganda. In the Kisoro area it is the top school, followed by St. Gertrude's School, which was ranked 385th. In the previous year Vision was ranked 156th.

ACE sponsors are this year enabling a further nine students to join the School.

Desert Island Discs

Jon Snow  

The long running Radio 4 programme, Desert Island Discs, featured ACE's patron, Jon Snow on Sunday 30th January.

Donation From Glastonbury Festival

For several years local ACE supporter, Liz Eliot, has raised money for ACE at the Glastonbury Festival.

Liz is involved with The Green Fields section of the festival and in 2010 the fundraising was very successful, resulting in a £1,500 boost to ACE funds.

The trustees are most grateful to Liz and the other festival-goers for their support.

Glastonbury 2010

School Reports Have Arrived

The school reports for the third term of 2010 for the students studying at Kisoro Vision Secondary School under the ACE Student Sponsorship Scheme have now arrived.

They have been scanned and copies will be e-mailed to sponsors soon.

Christmas Greetings from Kisoro Vision Director

Dan and family  

Dan Munyambabazi is the director of Kisoro Vision Secondary School where the students in the ACE Sponsorship Scheme are educated.

He recently sent his Christmas Greetings and good wishes for 2011 to all ACE supporters, together with this picture of him and his family.

Pictured with him are his wife, Charlotte Bronte, daughter Gilian Harmony (aged 9), son Lincoln Prosper (7), and daughter Praise Ineza (3).

easyfundraising Record Broken


The fourth quarter of 2010 was ACE's best yet on easyfundraising with £142.87 being raised by supporters shopping online.

Thank you to the 74 people who are signed up to use the system which has now raised over £1,230 for our funds.

ACE Awarded Large Matched Funding Grant


As well as raising funds through events and collections, ACE also applies regularly to charitable foundations for support.
Often this is a fruitless exercise - many letters are written that receive a negative response or no response at all.

So we are delighted to announce that we have received £8,000 from the Allan and Nesta Ferguson Foundation. When we applied to the Foundation, we had raised £10,000 toward the £18,000 cost of the new 4-classroom block we are currently building at Gitenderi School (see below). We had started the project, trusting that we could raise the remaining money before completion.

The ACE trustees are very grateful to the Allan and Nesta Ferguson Foundation for their generous support and for their confidence in the work ACE is doing.

We had set up a Christmas Appeal to try to raise the rest of the cost of the Gitenderi project. There is always more work to do, so we are now going to put money raised through the appeal towards our next project (see below).

Construction of New Classrooms at Gitenderi

Preparation for the new 4-classroom block at Gitenderi School began in October 2010. The villagers demolished the old classrooms to clear the site and cleaned the stones for the builders to reuse.

We were sent these pictures which, although of poor quality, are interesting, showing the mass participation in the project.


Construction of the classroom block proceeded rapidly. David Epidu took these pictures during his routine visit in November 2010.

This is the rear view of the building.

We were aiming to get everything will be completed in time for the commencement of the new school year in January 2011.

View from rear

David reported to the ACE trustees -

  • The building which was started a month ago, is now at the roofing level, it was costed at about Shs 55million.
  • The contractor thinks this building will be finished by the end of this year, ready for use when the schools open their new term next year.
  • The money has been paid, but the contractor is asking for more money for putting up the retaining wall to hold the soil from being washed off the verandah.
  • Shs 595,000/= (about £170) top up is needed for more sand, bricks, cement and transport. No labour to be added.
  • The parents and community are really very happy and thanking Angela and her team for the generous donation of this four-classroom block.
  • So far I visited the site and the work is very wonderful.
  • The headteacher and his staff are expecting big numbers of pupils to join the school next term, since it's going to be one of the top shining schools in Kisoro District.
New Build Dec10


This picture was sent by David in early January 2011 and shows the roof on and fascia boards being fitted.

Some of the external rendering is also complete and windows with protective metal grills have been fitted.

By the time David visited again in the third week of February the classrooms were finished. This is the front view .....

..... and this is the view from the back.


Front of classroom  
In April 2011 David Epidu found the classrooms furnished and well used.
Desks in position  
Another achievement of which ACE supporters can be proud.



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