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Christmas Tree Festival at Zennor Church

ACE is taking part in a festival of decorated Christmas trees at St. Senara Church in Zennor. About twenty different organisations have decorated trees with objects relevant to them.

The ACE tree is decorated with pots made in Kisoro and decorations containing photographs of ACE's work and Ugandan and Cornish flags.

The church will be open between 11am and 5pm until 6th January. Mince pies and hot drinks are available.

Proceeds are being divided between Zennor Church and Children's Hospice South West.


Beaver Scouts


Penzance-Madron Beaver Scouts (aged 6 - 8) are raising funds for ACE.

They have already organised a successful Quiz Night and two more events are arranged. Click here for details.

David Epidu's September Report

ACE's representative in Uganda, David Epidu, has just completed a tour of the schools. He visited all the primary schools, with the exception of Nyarusunzu which was cut off by flooded roads. He also visited the sponsored seconday school students at Kisoro Vision School.

He generally found the supported schools in good condition.

At Kamfizi school work was progressing on the renovation of a concrete water tank.
This is part of the major renovations ACE has been carrying out at the school.
This classroom block is also due for renovation.

This latrine block at Gisozi school is also on ACE's list for repairs and renovations.

Details are below in the trustees' meeting report.

September Trustees' Meeting

The trustees spent a good while discussing how best to use the limited funds we have available.

It was decided that the first priority should be to carry out extensive repairs to the large concrete water tank at Rurembwe school. The tank was constructed some years ago by the Dutch charity, U for Uganda, and has deteriorated and started to leak. Estimates were obtained for repairs which would involve removal of the concrete lid and workmen climbing in and relining the inside with new concrete. This will cost about £1,200, whereas construction of a new tank would cost £4,000.

The trustees also approved the expenditure of about £600 to put electricity into the school at Gitenderi. As mains electricity gradually becomes available in the proximity of some of our schools we need to make these decisions from time to time. The first school we put an electricity supply into was Kabami. We will assess the benefits at these two schools before deciding whether we will do more. After ACE funds putting in the supply, the school is responsible for paying the bills.

Detailed assessments of the needs of the schools at Gisozi and Kamfizi will be carried out. These are the two schools which have been supported by ACE for the shortest time - we agreed to assist them in October 2011. So far, at Gisozi, we have renovated a classroom and a water tank and emptied their latrines. At Kamfizi we have completed a partly built 2-classroom block, built latrines with ten stances, repaired a water tank and supplied 20 desks, 2 teachers' desks and chairs, and 2 cupboards. However these schools require a good deal more work to bring them up to the standard of the other ACE-supported schools and they will become our priorities for 2014.

Financial Year Ends

ACE's financial year has now ended and, despite the recession, we have raised our third highest total. Click here for details.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed.

Open Studio


Pam Furby will be opening her studio at Bay of Biscay Cottage, Newmill, in aid of ACE, on Sunday 10th November, between 11am and 4pm.

Admission is free. There will be a new collection of mounted, but unframed, affordable art for sale. Also cards, books, gifts and cakes will be available. Coffee, tea, and light refreshments will be served.

There will be a raffle for a painting of the winner's choice, which will be drawn at 4pm.

Please come along. Direction signs will guide you from the main junction in Newmill.

New Headteacher at Mukibugu


Mukibugu School has been causing concern to the ACE trustees for some time. So, when the ACE representative, David Epidu, visited in August 2013, he was delighted to find a new headteacher in post.

David wrote -

Found a new head, by name Mr. Ben Mwanga, who told me he is willing to work hard and change Mukibugu from its past situations and promised to keep it very clean from the way it has been before.

In fact the school was tidy and he looks to be a very serious head.


Sponsored Student Now Employed at Kisoro Vision School


Juliet Nyirahakiza attended the ACE-supported primary school at Mukibugu.

Subsequently she became one of the first students to attend Kisoro Vision School, sponsored by ACE supporters in Newmill, who started sponsoring her individually before the formalised Sponsorship Scheme started.

She did well at the school and, when she completed her studies, she was given a post on the school staff.


She is in charge of Vision's new computer room and has other duties too.

We are so pleased that things have worked out so well for her. She could never have dreamed, when she started out at Mukibugu, that her future would be so bright.

Her sponsors in Newmill are very proud of her.

The school sent us this list of her duties -

She is the computer attendant and in this -

  • she is the one who keeps the keys for the computer lab, and opens and closes it
  • she helps the students to do revision - i.e. practice in what the ICT teacher taught them
  • she actually does the training/teaching of the students during their free time
  • she also attends computer lessons so that when the ICT teacher leaves, she then knows which areas to take the students through
  • For any mechanical problem of the computers, it is her duty to inform the administration to have them repaired

Besides this, we requested her to help the school matron to be assisting her since she stays in school. (Serves as assistant matron)

Remember she is also directly in charge of ACE students. She holds meetings with them, reports to us their needs and problems, does some guidance and counselling of these ACE students, trains them in computer during weekends and she has a plan to meet their parents some time to come.


Strawberries and Cream in Scarborough

Another successful tea has been held in Scarborough. Click here for details and pictures.

Newmill Open Gardens

Our Open Gardens Day on Sunday 13rd June raised £2,662 for ACE funds.

Click here for more information and pictures.

Desk Repairs

This is Dismas, who is ACE's repair man.

With the heavy use they get, there is a regular need for desk repairs and the work that Dismas does saves ACE a lot of money for new desks.


Volunteers Working at ACE Schools

ACE volunteers Eden Quayle and Luke Pye have both been back in Uganda doing work for ACE. Click on their names to see what they were doing.


Luke has also visited Kisoro Vision School and taken some pictures of the new buildings which are being built on the school site.

Click here and scroll down to see them.

Bank Holiday Events Raise Nearly £1,700

Two fundraisers for ACE were held during the May Bank Holiday weekend, one in London and one in Ludgvan.

Click here for details and pictures.

Sponsored Skydive for ACE in 2014


Lizzie Smyth from St. Just has offered to do a sponsored skydive for ACE.

Further details will be posted here

Out to Lunch with ACE

Old PO sign

The lunch, held at The Old Post Office, Newmill, on Friday 19th April, was a great success.

Click here for details and pictures.


Denis Making Good Progress at Medical School

Val Humphreys supports Denis Musasizi, who is currently at university studying medicine.

She met Denis several years ago when she was in Uganda. She supported him through his final years of secondary education at Kisoro Vision School, under the umbrella of the ACE Student Sponsorship Scheme.


She has recently reported -

I thought you would all be interested to know how Denis has performed in his first semester exams. He has come 3rd in his year out of a total of 325 students.

He got a GPA (grade point average) of 3.50. The 1st had 4.08 and the 2nd 3.70 and then Denis. He told me that the GPA begins at 0.01 and goes up to 5.0. Most of the students were in the range of 2.0 to 3.0.

He explained that the KIU is a very strict private institution and passing or being promoted to the next semester or onto another year is not automatic. Those students who fell under GPA of 2.0 were asked to repeat, some were given supplementaries and some have been discontinued from the University. These were as follows - 91 got supplementaries, 8 have to do repeats and 6 were discontinued.

I am relieved and thrilled that he has done so well.

Fundraiser in Scarborough


Val Humphreys has held another successful fundraiser in Scarborough.

For detail and pictures click here

Top Marks for ACE Students

Two of the ACE-sponsored students at Kisoro Vision School have done extremely well in their Year 4 examinations. Herbert (above) achieved the best score ever recorded in the Kisoro district and Ronald (below) was close behind him.

They will now go on to study for their A Levels.

Kisoro Vision School did particularly well. 29 students achieved grade one passes, which is 3 more than the total for all the other schools in the district. The second best school had 8 students with grade one.

Six New Sponsored Students Admitted

William Balibutsa  
We have recently received the results of the Primary Leaving Examinations and several pupils at ACE-supported schools got good marks. We had six sponsors available so we asked local Schools Inspector, William Balibutsa, to select the six neediest of the brightest pupils. He did this very thoroughly, even visiting their homes in the villages to ascertain their situations.

Kisoro Vision Badge


He selected three girls and three boys. Two have no parents and the other four have one parent. The new students are now enrolled at Kisoro Vision School. ACE representative, David Epidu, met them and organised the purchase of their uniforms and the other things they need at the school.

ACE Sponsorship Secretary, Janet Pye, has contacted the sponsors to tell them which pupil has been allocated to them. Details of the students and their photographs will be sent to the sponsors as soon as we receive more personal information about them from David.


This picture shows the ACE-sponsored students at the gates of the school in February 2013.

Individual pictures of the new students are on ACE's Facebook page.

ACE Students Feb 2013



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