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Latrine Projects Funded by Bournemouth Rotary Club

Angela and Vic Peake are seen here in September 2014, checking on the work being carried out to provide new latrines at Bukazi and Rurembwe primary schools.  

The work is being financed by the Rotary Club of Bournemouth, in liason with the Rotary Club of Kabale, Uganda.

This picture shows the work progressing at Bukazi.

The work at Rurembwe is slightly more advanced.  
ACE is very grateful to Bournemouth Rotary Club for organising this project.  
  These pictures show the almost completed latrines at Bukazi in November 2014.
  The sanitation at the schools is greatly improved by this project.

ACE representative in Uganda, David Epidu, wrote to the trustees -

Finally the contractor has done his work and I want to thank those who worked hard to raise money for this project. The community, staff and pupils is very grateful for the help you have extended to their schools and hope for more help in the near future.

So the contractor now request for the final payment to allow him continue with other projects waiting for him. I am very satisfied with the work and I have no problem with Rotary Club of Kabale going for the inspection as a fact of accountability. I also thank Ben and James for the time they gave to keep on checking on the progress of the project.



Vision School Director Visits Cornwall


Dan Munyambabazi is the director of Kisoro Vision Secondary School where the students in the ACE Sponsorship Scheme are educated.

He visited Cornwall from 5th to 18th September as a guest of Humphry Davy School, Penzance, and attended a meeting of ACE trustees to discuss the ACE Sponsorship Scheme.

He also met with ACE supporters and student sponsors on Sunday 14th at Angela and Vic Peake's home at Chynoey in Newmill.

Trustees' Meeting

At a Trustees' Meeting on 30th May, various amounts of money, totalling £1,135, were approved to get projects completed.

£260 more money is needed to complete the classroom renovations at Gisozi (see below). Currently it is the dry season so we are having to pay for water to be transported to the site.

£375 was approved to lay a new concrete floor in a classroom at Bukazi School. This will enable 80 pupils to be taught in better conditions.

Approval was given for 20 new desks at Rurembwe School. Three had already been donated through our Desk Donation Scheme, and the others will be paid for from general funds. The total cost is £500.

Work in Progress


The renovation work on an old 2-classroom block at Gisozi School is progressing well.

ACE is paying £5,500 for the work.


At Rukongi School, work has been progressing on a teachers' accommodation building.

This was what it looked like in February ....


.... and by April it had progressed to this.

ACE has paid £2,350 for the work.


At Bukazi School, the new latrines are nearing completion.

ACE has provided £1,500 to complete this project.

  The date is incorrect on some of these pictures. Apart from the second one, they were taken in May 2014.

Record Amount from easyfundraising


An ACE supporter has just spent £1,173 at John Lewis and raised £29.33 from easyfundraising. This is by far the biggest single amount we have received and easily exceeds the whole amount raised in the last quarter.

We don't know who you are but we are very grateful to you.

Sponsored Skydive

Lizzy Smyth offered, over a year ago, to do a sponsored 15,000 ft. skydive for ACE. She had to wait until she was 16 years old and did the skydive on Sunday 30th March at Perranporth Skydive Centre.

Lizzy lives in St. Just and is a student at Mounts Bay School. Some of you will have met her at Newmill Open Gardens in 2013. For more pictures and Lizzy's report click here

There is a fundraising page where you can donate sponsorhip for the event on Charity Choice. To make a donation or see how she is doing, click here




When desks are donated we wait until we have 10, which makes a truckload, and then get them made.

We have recently ordered 10 for Gisozi School. Details are on the Desks page.

Supporter's Blog

An ACE supporter living in Australia has written a blog about the ACE Student Sponsorship Scheme.

You can read it by clicking here

New Work Commencing

We are sending £10,000 to Uganda to carry out more projects which were approved by the ACE trustees at their March meeting..

This will enable us to complete this block of teachers' accommodation at Rukongi School (see below) and we will finish work on latrines at Bukazi.

We will renovate two classrooms at Gisozi School and supply a teacher's desk, a cupboard and 10 desks for pupils.


New Head at Rukongi School

The ACE-supported school at Rukongi has a new headteacher.

She is Mrs. Guderia Kamahoro.


Completed Projects and Work To Do

ACE's representative in Uganda, David Epidu, visited the schools in February and sent back a detailed report of what work has been carried out and what needs to be done.
The renovation of these classroom blocks at Kamfizi School is almost finished.

We have provided an electricity supply at Kabami School. This will enable the school to provide reading classes in the evenings.

They are also looking into the possibility of some pupils boarding at the school.

This rainwater storage tank has been completely rebuilt.

There is plenty still to do. These delapidated classrooms at Kabami need refurbishment or replacement.

This building is similar to the ones (above) at Kamfizi before ACE got to work on them.


The parents at Rukongi School raised money to build teachers's accommodation at the school.

Building work has now stopped because they have run out of money.

New Sponsored Students at Vision School

David Epidu has recently enrolled seven new sponsored students into Kisoro Vision Secondary School.

Click here for more information and pictures.

Trustees' Meeting

The ACE trustees met on Friday 31st January.




There was a long discussion about our Student Sponsorship Scheme. The new school year is about to begin, but, as usual, the Ugandan examining body are late in issuing the results of the Primary Leaving Examinations.

We currently have six offers of sponsorhip for new students but, until we get the results, and check on the family circumstances of the best performing students, we cannot allocate places.

We hope to be able to do so next week.


This year we are intending to concentrate our efforts on improving the primary school at Gisozi. This is one of the new schools we took on in 2011 and we want to raise its standard to the level of the other schools we support.

The school buildings are in a very poor state and the first task we are going to tackle will be to renovate an old two-classroom block. This will cost about £5,500 - £6,000.

We are hoping to get a new large latrine block built with the help of local Rotary Clubs.

The classroom renovations will take most of the funds we currently have available so other work we would like to do will depend on our fundraising during the year.

We are also hoping to replace the floors in two classrooms at Rurembwe School and to put two secure doors onto their water tanks. This will cost about £1,100.

Quiz Night


The Inner Wheel Club of Penzance organised a Quiz Night in aid of ACE.

Click here for details and a picture.



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