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Chairman's Report September 2015 to 2016

ACE raised 44,270 during this financial year.

This year has seen Luke Pye from Ludgvan go to Kisoro and visit all of our schools. This was the fifth time he had visited the area and he is very familiar with ACE's work. He stayed for five weeks and wrote a very detailed report about his findings which updated our information and gave us a good working document. Unfortunately, when he arrived, the education office were in the middle of moving a huge number of teachers to different schools, which meant that many schools were without the correct number of teachers. It has been a situation that has caused problems throughout the year.

ACE schools and communities are now starting building projects themselves and ask the charity to help at a later stage, so this is a huge step forward and we help if funds allow. We have always said that ACE's work is a partnership and that the schools and communities need to take ownership. This is now happening.

There are still concerns over girls' education. Following a workshop for our senior women teachers to learn how to make reusable sanitary towels, we piloted a scheme at Rurembwe Primary School, as they already have a girls' room. Alice, the senior teacher, was supplied with materials and taught her senior girls how to make the towels, and gave them enough material to take home to teach their mothers. Unfortunately in the Education office's movement of teachers she was moved to a different school. This has meant that we have been unable to assess the success of the project.

As reported last year, Nyarasunzu still gives cause for concern as there are still issues in Congo which mean refugees use the school. The UN uses the school as a holding centre before the refugees are moved to the nearest camp. This puts a huge strain on latrines, water and classrooms. This school is also still short of staff which the education office has promised to address. It is very difficult to get staff as the school is so remote.

Denis Agaba has continued to work in ACE schools. He has continued with a tree planting programme and in most schools this has been hugely successful. He has also been educating the schools and communities in environmental matters. Denis has also started a vegetable growing programme within most of the schools. In order to widen the children's understanding of their local environment and environmental issues, the schools within walking distance have been taken to Mgahingha National Park where the rangers have been helping them to understand their wider environment.

Once again supporters have helped us make events successful with many activities including George Pye running the London Marathon and Casey Stroud doing the London Triathlon. Both of these supporters raised a lot of money for ACE. Pam Furby had a Studio Open Day again this year and Marion Brocket did a sponsored walk along the Test Way.

A fun dog show was held earlier in the year and various organisations have donated money after I have given a talk.

I have not mentioned all of the individuals who continue to support and all of the hardworking people who we rely on to make ACE so successful, but my thanks go to all of them. Our Newmill Open Gardens Day proved to be a success again and we were blessed with fine weather. Once again my thanks go to the people who make the day so wonderful. This day is so dependent on the hard work and support of many people.

Val Humphreys continues to support us in Scarborough and arranged a number of fundraising events as well as doing talks to raise awareness about ACE. She also has various friends who now offer their support.

Our supermarket collection days have amounted to 2 this year so we have raised less through this avenue.

625 was raised by Humphry Davy school and this bought, pens, pencils, exercise books and footballs for all schools.

Due to the hard work and support of our supporters we have been able to -

  • roof a building at Kabami which the parents had repaired
  • finish a 3 classroom block at Kamfizi which the parents/community had built up to roof level
  • supply 60 desks for these classrooms
  • pay for Denis Agaba to continue tree planting and start his vegetable growing programme
  • install a lightening conductor at Mukibugu
  • support 44 talented pupils through our sponsorship scheme at Vision Secondary School. Our sponsorship scheme has continued to grow and David Epidu monitors the students and visits them regularly.


William, the school inspector, who liaises with the schools over PLE results and checks the background of potential sponsored students, had a lot of problems last year. Bcause of this we have reluctantly decided to suspend our sponsorship scheme this year. This year our A level students achieved highly and 4 of them were offered government sponsored places at university, two of these being at Makerere in Kampala. This is known as the best university in Uganda. These 4 needed help to get started and will need small amounts to help them through the next 3 years but the government pays for their tuition, accommodation and food. This is a wonderful situation that we had never thought our students would be in. Fortunately sponsors stepped forward and helped them, so now all 4 have started their courses. One of these students is Boniconsira - our first girl to be given a university place. Meanwhile our other university students are doing well and Steven and Bennon have now finished their teacher training and graduate in December. All of us here at ACE as well as the students are so grateful for the future they have been given. My thanks go to Janet Pye for running this scheme to Dan from Vision for his close contact and concern about the students and to the sponsors for their continued support of the students.

David Epidu, our representative in Uganda, continues to be invaluable to ACE. He writes excellent reports which keep us informed. He liaises closely with heads and local communities, as well as the building contractor we use. He has an excellent relationship with our sponsored students whom he meets with regularly. His record keeping proves invaluable to our treasurer for her to satisfy independent examiners. He is a much valued member of our team and his advice on local issues is very important.

My thanks also, as always, to the people mentioned below -

Bette Drew - treasurer and trustee. Bette spends many hours keeping ACE books detailed and immaculate.

Joy Kell - our minutes secretary and trustee.

Phil Budden - trustee who runs our 200 club and keeps our website updated and also helps to put information on our Facebook page to enable us to reach more people.

Janet Pye - trustee who runs our sponsorship scheme.

Judith Nicholls - trustee / secretary.

Victor Peake - trustee who supports all events.

My thanks to all of them for their continued support and tireless work


Angela Peake
Founder & Chairman of ACE



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