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Eden Quayle





Bukazi was one of the first schools given ACE support. It was enrolled into the scheme in 2002.

The headmaster of is Emmanuel Kwizera.

Bukazi headmaster

Previous information about this school is given in a report written by Eden Quayle in August 2009.

You can read it by clicking here

Crowded Classroom  

A crowded class at Bukazi Primary School.

The school currently has about 724 pupils.


In 2006 there was a partially built 3-classroom block which needed to be finished.

The project was started by the local member of parliament but not completed. When he was not re-elected his support ceased!

Bukazi sign

Unfinished classroom

Unfinished classroom


Completing this project was one of ACE's top priorities in 2007 and cost £3,500.


One of the first things that needed doing was laying floors.

ACE has previously aided Bukazi by building a water tank and has recently supplied extra guttering to keep it filled.

When it rains in Africa it really rains.

Rain at Bukazi

This picture of the completed classroom block was taken in May 2007.

Bukazi New Classroom

David Epidu wrote -

The teachers and the community around Bukazi expressed their happiness towards ACE for that kind heart and offer to support their school among others.

All teachers thanked ACE and those who work hard and spare that extra time to help people whom they have not even known and seen and most especially Angela and her husband Peake for their initiative to help the poor Ugandans.

The following e-mail was received from Paul Nizeyimana, who was head of Bukazi School in 2007 -

Subject: RE: Greetings from bukazi primary school
Date: Wed, 2 May 2007 03:37:47 -0700 (PDT)

P.O. BOX 177

To our beloved madam Mrs. ANGELLA PEACE. How are you and how is life together with your family at home. Let me hope that you are alright.

On behalf of the school community and the parents, this is to inform you that shortly after your departure we received your gutters for our tank and they are now fixed. Also as I talk now our three class room block is fully completed by your contractor, though we are lacking seats for those class rooms, this is a sincere gratitude thanks from the school community and parents to you madam, thank you very much for the great assistance you have rendered to our school. We are very happy beyond description.

May God continue blessing and protecting you and your family so long live Madam Angella Peace, long live ACE.

Yours faithfully



Paul Nizeyimana

New classroom  

The new classrooms are good quality and ACE is very pleased with them.

We have provided some desks but we need to supply many more.

If you would like to find out about donating a desk please click here.

It will only cost £25 and you can have your name, or a friend's name, put on it.

Thanks to your generosity, more desks have now been provided.

Teachers' Accommodation Built

In 2008 ACE built a teachers' accommodation building at Bukazi. This picture shows in under construction

It provides rooms for two teachers.

Teachers rooms

Latrines Improved

renovated latrines
As part of ACE's 2009 'Year of the Latrine' these latrines at Bukazi were completely renovated.
Latrines being emptied
Previously ACE had paid for this set to be emptied.




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