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Eden Quayle





This is the headmaster of Gisozi school, Julius Besigye.

ACE agreed to start assisting the school in November 2011.

Gisozi head

Whilst we are very pleased with the improvements we have been able to make in the schools ACE has adopted, we are aware that the number of pupils at some nearby schools have become depleted. Children move to the ACE schools making them overcrowded and leaving neighbouring schools under populated.

So, during their October 2011 visit, Angela and Vic Peake visited two schools which are close to ACE schools. One was Gisozi, which is close to the ACE-supported school at Mukibugu.

Eden Quayle had also visited the school at Gisozi in summer 2011 and reported back to the trustees -

Gisozi is an under populated school. Its population has been gradually falling in the last few years as more and more children have been drawn to Mukibugu.

The grounds are large and wide enough to accommodate 600 pupils or more but it only has 342 currently.

It would be an easy school to take on as the headmaster, Julius Besigye, was deputy at Bukazi so knows of ACE and is a hard working man. It would simply be a job of repairing the old classrooms and emptying the latrines. After that the population is likely to increase as word spreads that ACE is supporting the school. This would take pressure off Mukibugu which is dangerously over populated.

Unless there are schools with greater need, I would recommend taking this school on.

School sign   You are welcomed at Gisozi School by this sign.
Gisozi classrooms  
The classrooms are very old .....
Classroom interior
..... and the interiors are very dark .....
..... and when it rains the surroundings get very wet.

We have not started work at Gisozi. David Epidu visited the school in February to make an assessment of the priorities.

He reported -

This is one of the new schools the charity has just brought on board and it is very near Mukibugu Primary School.

Their main needs are -

  • A five stance latrine
  • Renovations of three classrooms as the available ones have cracks on the floors and need plaster in the internal walls
  • Staff quarters, as the majority of staff members come from very far distances
  • Seven classroom cupboards and teachers' and pupils' desks
  • Textbooks with current thematic curriculum
  • Sports equipment

We would like to carry out all of this work but we will have to raise the money first.



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