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Eden Quayle





Kabami was enrolled into the scheme in 2002.

The headmaster of Kabami is Emmanuel. He had been head previously and has recently been reappointed.


To see what ACE has done at Kabami School click here

Kabami head

Previous information about this school is given in a report written by Eden Quayle in August 2009.

You can read it by clicking here

School Sign

Kabami Sign

You can watch a video of dancing at Kabami School by clicking here.

This performance was put on for Eden Quayle and David Epidu when they visited in October 2007.

Scroll down to see other pictures from this visit.

There are 600 pupils at Kabami School.

The school has received help from ACE, including the roofing of a classroom, textbooks, reading materials.

Also footballs, netballs, and sports clothing.

Kabami Campus

Pupils and football game

Here are a couple of young pupils, with a football game going on in the background.
The pupils look very smart in their uniforms.

These pictures were taken during the visit in 2006.

They show one of the Mounts Bay School party teaching in class ......

Teaching class

..... and another giving personal tuition.
Personal tuition

The 2008 Building Project

Old classrooms

These old classrooms were in very poor condition.
New roof


Some years ago ACE had provided new roofing but we didn't have sufficient funds to do more at the time.



The interiors were equally grim and uninviting.

Floor needed


Our builder said that he could modernise the existing building to form two acceptable classrooms for about half the cost of building new ones.

Work in progress


In May 2008 we comissioned him to do the work. This consisted of laying proper flooring, plastering inside and out, and providing windows and doors.


Work inside

Work proceeded very quickly and by the beginning of June the building was watertight.


Eden Quayle applied the blue paint to brighten the classrooms up just in time for a visit from the local bishop.

You can read more about that in Eden's 11th report by clicking here.


  The work was completed by mid-June.
Just like new  
It has cost about £4,100 and is another achievement for ACE and all our supporters.

Eden Quayle Visits Kabami School in October 2007

The school has a mixture of old and new buildings.

The entrance to the school library may not look very inviting .....
Library entrance

..... but it is much nicer inside.

Many of the books were supplied by ACE.

ACE representative, David Epidu, is seen here discussing what can be done with this dilapidated building.
David Epidu at Kabami
It certainly isn't habitable at present but our builders could probably restore it if we had more funds.

Kabami boys  
Eden was given a rousing welcome by the boys ....

..... and singing and dancing by the girls.

You can watch a video of the dancing and listen to some singing by clicking here.

Kabami girls

He still found time to admire the view.
Eden at Kabami

2009 - ACE's Year of the Latrine

Unfinished latrines  

This set of latrines had been started by the parents of the pupils but they ran out of money.

ACE finished the work at a cost of £550.

New ecosan latrines  
We also built a new 5-stance ecosan latrine block at a cost of £3,000.

New Water Tank Constructed in 2011

This water storage tank at Kabami School collapsed. The problem with plastic tanks is that they become brittle after long periods in strong sunlight.


Collapsed water tank

Concrete tanks are much more expensive but are much better in the long term.

ACE has now replaced the broken tank with a concrete one at a cost of £4,000.

New concrete water tank




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