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At Kamfizi, the headmaster is Edward Ntirenganya.

ACE agreed to start assisting the school in November 2011.



To see the work ACE has done at Kamfizi School click here

Kamfizi headmaster

Whilst we are very pleased with the improvements we have been able to make in the schools ACE has adopted, we are aware that the number of pupils at some nearby schools have become depleted. Children move to the ACE schools making them overcrowded and leaving neighbouring schools under populated.

So, during their October 2011 visit, Angela and Vic Peake visited two schools which are close to ACE schools. One was Kamfizi, which is close to Gitenderi and Rukongi.

On a tour of the school, this is what they found -

Very old classrooms
Classrooms are old with unrendered stone walls.
Unrendered stone walls
It isn't surprising that children would rather move to schools with new ACE classrooms.
Very dark rooms
Inside they are dark and uninviting. The only thing brightening this room is the flash on the camera.
Windows are just holes
There are no windows, just holes in the walls. This lets in the wind as well as light and it does get cold at some times of the year.
Kamfizi latrines
Latrines are old and some are full.

Work Commences

On the site at Kamfizi there was a partially constructed 2-classroom block. The parents had raised enough money to start the building but the funds ran out and it was not completed - it just had foundations and partly built walls.

The ACE trustees decided that we would complete the classroom building and that we would construct a latrine block. As the need was so great we decided to build a 10-stance block (5 back to back). This is the largest latrine block we have built.

When David Epidu visited the school to check on progress in February 2012, he found good news and bad news -

The 2-classroom block was taking shape. The roof was on and the outside walls were being rendered.
New classrooms exterior
Inside, the walls were plastered and the blackboards in position.
New classroom interior
The latrine block was also taking shape. Unfortunately the work was being delayed by a lack to water for the cement, otherwise the roof would be on by now.
The bad news was that an old classroom with badly cracked walls had started to collapse.

Headmaster, Edward, is very happy with the progress at the school and expressed his, and the community's, thanks.

David wrote -

The teachers and the community are very happy for the contribution ACE has given their school. The most happiest person is the head teacher, thanking Angela for the good the charity has done for his school. He also thanked David and William for good coordination and choosing the school to be among the ACE schools.

The ACE trustees are very grateful to all those who raised the funds for ACE to carry out these projects.

However, David reported that the numbers attending the school have already started to rise following ACE's involvement. P7 (the final year pupils) has increased from 46 last year to more than 60.

So there will be plenty more to do.



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