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Eden Quayle





Mukibugu was one of the first schools given ACE support. It was enrolled into the scheme in 2002.

The headmaster is Ben Mwanga.


A new classroom was built by ACE in 2011 at Mukibugu. Click here for information and pictures.


School Sign


Three pieces of video are available to watch. They were taken by Eden Quayle whilst he was working in Uganda for ACE in 2008.

You can see the school grounds and facilities by clicking here.

You can see inside the classrooms by clicking here.

You can visit a local house by clicking here.

Two of the pupils acted as guides whilst Eden was filming. The sound is not very good quality.

The Recent History of Mukibugu School

Mukibugu Primary School has 650 pupils in a very cramped compound.

It had no modern brick classrooms until 2002.

This picture shows one of the old classrooms which has since been demolished because it was unsafe.

Old  classroom

This is the village church.

When Angela and Vic Peake first visited Mukibugu in 2002 the church was the only proper building in the village. It doubled up as the school classroom.

Since then the new classrooms have been built around it.

To view a video of singing and dancing in the church click here.

Classroom interior

Mixing cement  

They are already in need of repair.

This picture shows work being carried out by Grantly, the builder who went on the ACE visit in October 2006.

Foundation work   The cement was placed under the building to strengthen the foundation.

The latrines have been improved with ACE's help .....  

..... and new teachers' accommodation built, through ACE, by You4Uganda.

Teacher Accommodation

ACE has recently paid for a partition to be built to create 2 classrooms from one. This has enabled a class of 260 to be split into two. We've also paid for extra guttering to enable more rainwater to reach the storage tank.

In 2007 ACE built a new double classroom, and supplied 7 small cupboards, 40 desks, and teachers' tables and chairs.

Tthe groundwork proved to be more difficult than usual. The school has little land and the only available site needed levelling and the breaking up and removal of large boulders.

We originally budgeted £6,000 for the project but extra cost was incurred because of the difficulty of the site and inflation, especially of fuel prices, in Uganda.

Here are some of the new desks which ACE provided.

Ten of them were paid for by St. Maddern's Church of England School in Madron.

They were built for ACE by a local carpenter and these were delivered just before David Epidu's tour of inspection in January 2007.

They are designed for 2 pupils, but often have to seat 4.

New desks

The new playground

During his visit in November 2007, Eden Quayle suggested that a new play area should be constructed at the school.

He wrote -

On Tuesday Augustine (then the headmaster) and I rounded up the whole school and started to make a playground here.

Playground construction
Stone removal

Yes, I know that the school is on a slope! There are three pieces of flat ground that have been converted into courts. One had a pile of sand and a flag in it. Another had not been marked in anyway and the final area near the teacher's accommodation flooded every time it rained.

  • There is now one volleyball court in operation. Poles were constructed and a net was found at the school.
  • Number two volleyball court has been marked out after we took the flag pole and sand away from the area at the top of the school. It still needs poles and a net. Poles are easy to construct, and Augustine is going to find a second-hand net.
  • The 3rd area has a nice deep drainage ditch now and will be marked out soon. We are thinking about making a netball court here.

Monkey bars: I asked the local carpenter to make this to my design. It has been a huge hit with the students, especially with the boys! It is located next to the large water tank.

School wall: We took all the spare stones from the classroom construction and built a wall 2-3 feet high next to the road. Now the students can't run into the road when the ball goes out and have to use the school gate to enter/exit the school.

Eden relaxes

You should have seen the school at the end of Tuesday. It was beautiful to see. The whole school was a hive of activity and shouts were going up all over the school. Augustine and I sat on top of the school water tank to take in the view. I remember thinking 'this school didn't have a playground when I first arrived'. There was a volleyball game, a football game, boys climbing on the monkey bars, and rope walking going on. A crowd had gathered around the volleyball as the teachers and upper students were involved in a heated game.

With a few ideas, a little money and a motivated head teacher, it is amazing what can be achieved in a short space of time.


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