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St. Joseph School at Mwangi is in a different part of Uganda, situated north of Kampala.

It became an ACE-supported school because Angela Peake was taken there on her first trip to Uganda. However, as it is not in the Kisoro region, it is much more difficult and expensive to work there. It takes Angela or David Epidu two extra days to get to the school when visits are made.

We are pleased with the improvements we have made at St. Joseph's, but, in 2011 we decided to concentrate all our future efforts on the southwest region centred on Kisoro.

Scroll down to see pictures of the new classrooms ACE has funded

Village House   This is a house in Mwangi ......
Village Shop   ...... and this is the village shop.

St. Joseph School was the first Ugandan school aided by ACE. It has 483 pupils, of which 250 are orphans. It is one of the poorest communities that we support.

This classroom was constructed by ACE in 2004 ......  
ACE-built classroom

...... and this one was under construction, with ACE funding, in October 2006.

It is now finished and in use, though it still needs furniture.

Classroom under construction

Here are some local characters -

Teacher One of the teachers ......
School Govenor ...... and a school govenor.

These two pictures were taken during the visit of the ACE party in October 2006 --


ACE has recently finished repairing the water storage tank and providing new guttering to gather more water.

New Classrooms and Latrines Constructed in August and September 2008

Classroom under construction  

We have recently completed the construction of two further classrooms.

Because this school is the one north of Kampala, and in a different area from all the others, it is not possible to use the builders who do all our work in the Kisoro area.

Our representative, David Epidu, hired a team of builders that we have not used before.

In order to supervise the work properly, and make sure that nothing went missing, David stayed at the school during the construction period, sleeping overnight in one of the classrooms.

The builders  

To do this he took his annual leave from his other job and spent the time working for us. We had not specifically asked him to do this and we are very impressed with his commitment to ACE.

These pictures were taken by David on 28th August.


David took these pictures on 14th September when the classrooms were almost completed.

This view shows new guttering and piping. The piping is fed into the concrete water storage tank which we provided with the Busoga Trust in 2002.

Mwangi is in a much drier area of Uganda than the other schools which ACE supports, so storage of water is vital.

New classrooms

This view shows the glazing of the windows on the rear of the new classroom block.

ACE has spent just under £5,000 on these classrooms.

Rear view

The building has been designed with two purposes. Firstly, it is large enough to act as a school assembly hall.

Secondly, it can be divided into two classrooms by hanging up grass mats as a room divider.

We have ordered desks for the classrooms, using the £500 kindly donated by The Calleva Foundation.

We hope in the future to build new staff quarters and to supply cupboards.

Inside the classrooms

Whilst they were on site we also commissioned them to carry out major repair work on the school latrines .

The work on the latrines has cost £840. This picture shows the work nearing completion.

David has apologised for the quality of these pictures, explaining that it was very hot at the time. He will take some better ones next time he visits the school.


Here are our builders.

Mujibu is on the right and Kibuuka on the left.

the builders

At the end of September, David Epidu sent us this report and these pictures -

On 24th September 2008, 20 desks were delivered to St. Joseph from Entebbe using hired transport (a truck) by the ACE representative in Uganda, David Epidu. This picture shows the desks being loaded.

The desks where purchased at a total of Uganda shillings 1,500,000/= (one million and five hundred thousand shillings only) including transport to the school. This is approximately £500.

The journey took almost the whole day as it had rained and the roads where very bad. We had to struggle the whole day, but fortunately managed to reach the school with out any problem.

loading new desks

When we reached school we were welcomed by a large group of parents who had collected at school for a parents' meeting.

They helped to unload the desks and carry them into the classrooms.

Unloading desks

The 20 new desks were put to use straight away for the parents' meeting. As the desks were designed for young pupils the parents don't look very comfortable!

This showed the usefulness of designing the building for use as a meeting hall as well as classrooms.

The parents and the school teachers were so happy and sent their thanks to ACE and all those who work hard to collect money used to support their school.

PTA meeting
New headmaster  

When at the school I was introduced to the new headteacher who had just been posted to the school. He is Mr. G. Kavuma.

He was so pleased and welcomed the team which took the desks to school and participated in the offloading of the new desks.

He told me that he was very ready to work hand in hand with the ACE programmes plus David who is heading it.

The Mwangi Borehole Project

In 2008 ACE began a project to make a borehole to supply fresh water to the village of Mwangi. After initial assessments and tests the estimated costs were too high for us and it was not carried out.

You can read about the project by clicking here

School Summary - February 2008

Headteacher: Mr. G. Kavuma

No. of Children
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No. of Teachers



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