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Eden Quayle





We have supported this school since 2004 but it is currently suspended from the ACE project. We have been concerned for some time about its management.

When Angela and Vic Peake visited in October 2011, they found the headmistress and all the teachers absent from the school although hundreds of children were running around. At a second visit there were two teachers there and the headmistress was again away. This was the culmination of a number of problems with this school and the head had been warned previously that ACE would withdraw support unless things improved. In November the trustees decided reluctantly to drop Nyakabaya from the ACE project.

Head and deputy

When David Epidu visited in February 2012, he found that a new head had been appointed. He is Leonard Ngabirano, seen here on the right of the picture, with his deputy head.

The previous head, Donatta Bakame (see below), has been demoted to an ordinary teacher and transferred to another school, and all the teachers are new.

The trustees will watch the situation and decide in due course whether we are able to give more support.

See what ACE has done at Nyakabaya by clicking here

Previous information about this school is given in a report written by Eden Quayle in August 2009.

You can read it by clicking here

Nyakabaya School

Nyakabaya Sign

Nyakabaya is situated near to Mount Muhabura, an extinct volcano, 4,127 metres high.

Mount Muhabura

Donnatta with Angela



Nyakabaya is better off than other schools that ACE is helping. It has 425 pupils.

We have built a teachers' office building for them, which includes space for a new school library.

Currently the school needs shelving for the new office and two of the classrooms need some repairs.

This is Donnata Bakame, the headteacher, seen here with Angela Peake during the visit in 2006.


David and John
David Epidu, ACE's representative in Uganda, is seen here, in the centre, with John, the area schools inspector, on the right. On the left is one of the Nyakabaya school teachers.

New Office Building Constructed

David took this picture of the new office building in January 2007.

Inside there is an entrance area and two rooms. One is used as an office and the other will be the library when funds can be raised to provide shelving.

New Office

Improvements to Water Tank


David has also been checking the school's water storage tanks.

This one has had a new tap house installed with a locked door to prevent the water being stolen.

Eden Quayle Visits

Eden visited Nyakabaya school in early November 2007.
Eden with pupils
He was given a warm welcome .....
.... with some energetic singing and dancing.

New Playground

Following the success of the new sports and play facilities built at Mukibugu by Eden Quayle in November 2007, he has constructed new facilities at Nyakabaya.

The work was carried out during the January school holiday in 2008.


A new volleyball court has been constructed .....

..... monkey bars built .....
Monkey bars

..... and new swings made .....

..... leading to a lot of fun and laughter.
Happy swingers

You can watch a video of the new playground by clicking here.


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