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Eden Quayle





Nyarusunzu was enrolled into the ACE project in 2006.

The headmaster is Emmanuel Sakabu. He is pictured here with Angela and Vic Peake.


See what ACE has done at Nyarusunzu by clicking here

Nyarusunzu head
Emmanuel's Graduation  

In September 2012 Emmanuel graduated from Kampala International University with a BA in Education. This picture shows him celebrating his graduation with members of his family.

He has been working very hard, running Nyarusunzu school and attending the university during the school holidays.

To watch a video of Nyarusunzu School click here. It shows the new classrooms built by ACE and the sports facilities built by Eden Quayle. It finishes with music.

Information about this school is given in a report written by Eden Quayle in August 2009.

You can read it by clicking here

First Visit to Nyarusunzu

This is a school that was visited for the first time by ACE representatives in October 2006. We asked to be taken to a school which needed help and had so far been unaided.

The school is situated in the far southwest of Uganda, near to the border with Congo, and close to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

The track to the village was not passable by our minibus so we had to make the 1.5 hour journey in 4-wheel drive vehicles.

This is what we found when we arrived -

School Sign




Some of the school is housed in very primitive buildings.

Girls' classroom

The school is the first in the area to undertake the education of girls. They started to take girls about 4 years ago. As they start at 6 years old, the oldest girl pupils are currently about 10.
Inside boys' classroom  
Of course, they also teach boys.


Members of the Mounts Bay School party tried to get the feeling of what it would be like to be taught here.

The classroom clearly needs urgent replacement.

It may look nice in the sunshine but lessons are impossible if it rains.


Group in classroom


Play about gorillas

Not all the classrooms are so primitive. Others have brick walls and glass windows.

Whilst we were there some of the pupils presented a play about gorillas.

There are 392 pupils at the school and, despite the current state of the buildings, there is no absenteeism. The school inspector went to great lengths to praise the staff, joking that they were not sent to Nyarusunzu as a punishment! The place is so remote that there is no secondary school for the pupils to move on to.

ACE has drawn up a plan for helping the school.

The first job is to supply guttering for the buildings with hard roofs and provide a water tank for rainwater collection. Also we intend to supply 10 new desks as soon as possible.

Five new classrooms and teachers' accommodation are needed, and will then need furnishing. Building work at this school will be expensive because of the distance that materials will need to be transported in 4-wheel drive vehicles.

First Project Completed

Headteacher and tank  

The project to provide for the collection and storage of water began in February 2007.

This picture shows the headteacher, Emmanuel Sakabu, standing by the water tank which we bought, in the merchant's in Kisoro.


The tank was subsequently transported by 4-wheel drive vehicle from Kisoro to Nyarusunzu. At the school a concrete base was built for the tank to sit on. Some of the work, such as breaking up rock to provide hardcore, was carried out by the parents of the pupils.

The project was completed in mid-March 2007. The tank is installed on its concrete base and the gutterings are fixed to feed into it.

All that is needed now is rain. The wettest months in Uganda are April, May, October and November, so it should start filling up soon.

The project, including the supply of guttering, was funded with a grant of £1,300 from ACE.

Classroom and Accommodation Building

Work on the new buildings has now been completed, providing the school with 2 new classrooms and teachers' accommodation.

This project was funded by the students of Penwith College.

When Eden Quayle visited on 16th November 2007 the site was prepared and the bricks had been delivered.
Bricks delivered
Five days later, on 21st November, the walls were rising fast .....
walls rising

..... and steel was being fabricated for the lintels.

Pictures of the completed project will be posted here soon.

Steel fabrication

By 15th December the building looked like this -

New building  
New building


  It was finished in time for the start of the February 2008 school term.
Classroom with Plaque

When Grantley Curnow visited Nyarusunzu in February 2009, he carried with him a plaque recording the efforts of the students of Penwith College in raising the funds for the new building.

This picture shows the plaque fixed into the wall. It was later cemented into place.

The cost of this project was £9,500.

New Latrines Built

New latrines were provided at the school in 2008.

This picture shows the pit for the latrine being dug.

Latrine pit

Two Nyarusunzu Pupils in Secondary Education

Bennon and Steven  

Bennon and Steven were both excellent pupils at Nyarusunzu School.

They became boarders at Brainstorm Secondary School, Kabale, thanks to the ACE Sponsorship Scheme and subsequently moved to Kisoro Vision School.

They were both in their second year when this picture was taken.

For more news, read Eden Quayle's report.




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