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Eden Quayle





Rukongi was one of the first schools given ACE support. It was enrolled into the scheme in 2002.

The headteacher is Mrs Guderia Kamahoro.


See what ACE has done at Rukongi by clicking here


Previous information about this school is given in a report written by Eden Quayle in August 2009.

You can read it by clicking here

School Sign  
School motto

School buildings 
School buildings

When ACE became involved with the school the headteacher was Victoria Nyiragwiza

She is a remarkable lady. She is HIV positive and has lost her husband and daughter to AIDS. Her other daughter is well and, thankfully, is HIV negative.

Victoria runs a support network to help others who are HIV positive or have AIDS.


New Classroom Block Built

This is the new classroom block at Rukongi school which was financed by the fundraising efforts of Mounts Bay School.

The School raised £5,500 to build the classroom block and furnish it with desks.

The official opening took place during the visit in October 2006 when 12 Mounts Bay students and two teachers were present.

New classroom

School class  
Tribute to Angela

The villagers organised a day of celebrations.

The guests were greeted by a band....

The band

...dancing and drumming...


...with a very colourful audience...

the Ladies

In fact the new classooms were completed a few months earlier and were already in use.  

In May 2006 we had received the following letter -

Dear Angella

We hope you are fine.

On behalf of the Management Committee and Parents of Rukongi Primary School, we wish to thank you for every thing you have offered to our school.

Now the two-classroom block are complete because of your effort May God Bless you. We have nothing to do rather than to say thank you.

We wish to meet you in October as you mentioned earlier.

We thank you for giving us the ACE representative who has made life easy for us since the contractors are happily receiving their pay in time. We shall always love to work with him since his way of work is clear, transparent and sincere.

Greetings to all your friends and children whom you will come with.

Yours faithfully,

Victoria Nyibagwiza HEADTEACHER
Joseph Seburakeye



During the visit the Mounts Bay School party saw this unfinished classroom.

The foundations and walls were constructed by the Ugandan Wildlife Authority, but they ran out of money and have been unable to finish the project.

We estimated that it would cost £1,900 to finish the classroom. Mounts Bay School rose to the challenge and have already raised a further £1,000 towards it. ACE will finish it.

Unfinished classroom

Repairs and New Cupboards

On a visit in 2010, David Epidu reported the progress being made with improvements at Rukongi.

Golders Hill School in London have formed a link with the school at Rukongi. They have already raised £700 and some of the money is being spent on new cupboards for classrooms. This will enable books to be safely stored at their point of use, rather than having to be collected from a store.

Repaired classroom

The headmistress asked if some of the money could be spent on a new floor and repair to the walls in this classroom.

This has now been completed and has made a big improvement. David wrote -

Rukongi repairs are finished and the classroom now looks very good and much smarter than it was before.

The community and the parents are very happy with ACE for the work they have done.


New floor
At the time he visited, cupboards were being delivered to several schools.
Delivery of cupboards

Renovations Create Two New Classrooms in 2011

Delapidated classrooms  

Rukongi School had an old dilapidated block of two classrooms which could not be used. They stand adjacent to the new classrooms built in 2006 with funding from Mounts Bay School.

Paul, our contractor, looked at them when he was building there in 2006 and said that he thought that, although they are in a bad state, they could be renovated rather than being demolished.

New classrooms

Block built by Mounts Bay School

Block for renovation

Adjoining block to be rebuilt

The school desperately needs more classrooms and Paul's plan is to remove the roof and start building from the ring beam. The building will get a new roof and be plastered and finished. It will have a cement floor, something it never had previously.

The cost will be about 20 million Ugandan Shillings - about £6,000. This represents a large saving on the equivalent current cost of a new building and the ACE trustees think it will be good value for money.

February 2011  
When David Epidu visited in February 2011 work was in full swing and is due to be completed in April.

These pictures were taken on 16th March and show the progress being made.
The bars on the windows are for security and also to prevent them from being broken by footballs.

When David Epidu visited in April the building work was completed and decoration was taking place.


The interiors of the classrooms were being painted. They will come into use when the new term starts after the Easter holidays.

All we need now are the desks ............

Eden Quayle took this picture of the renovated classrooms when he visited in August 2011.



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