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Eden Quayle






Rurembwe head  

Rurembwe was one of the first schools given ACE support. It was enrolled into the scheme in 2002.

The headmistress is Alice Sebakire, who was appointed in January 2012.


You can see the work ACE has carried out at Rurembwe by clicking here

Previous information about this school is given in a report written by Eden Quayle in August 2009.

You can read it by clicking here

You can watch a video of singing under the Cornish flag at Rurembwe school by clicking here

School sign

Rurembwe school, which has 733 pupils, had some very old classrooms which are unsafe for the children to be in.

They have now been replaced by ACE with a new 3-classroom block (see below).

Old Classrooms

Inside a classroom

These pictures show how overcrowded the classrooms are.....
Inside a classroom  
..... and also illustrate the enthusiasm of the pupils.

Rurembwe also has some more modern classrooms .....



Newer classrooms

..... constructed in the last few years .....
Newer classrooms

..... and some latrines.

Finishing a Partially-Built Classroom Block


In 2006 there were also some partly-finished classrooms. The construction was started by the Ugandan Wildlife Authority, but they ran out of money before the project was completed.

ACE has funded their completion.

ACE has paid for the roof which has cost £2,000. We were helped by a £500 donation from Mounts Bay Rotary Club, Penzance.

Inside room

Inside, the floors were laid, and, when this picture was taken in October 2006, the walls needed plastering and the windows needed glazing.


These pictures were taken by David Epidu when he visited the school to inspect progress at the end of January, 2007.

The brick walls have been rendered and the windows are glazed.

This building is providing two large classrooms, and another room, which can be used as a small classroom, staffroom, or office.

It means that the children can at last move out of the dilapidated classrooms shown at the top of this page.

Classroon February 2007

Inside, the walls have been plastered and painted, and the blackboard is ready for use.

The classroom is now in use but the children have to sit on the floor.

At this stage the classroom furniture still needed to be supplied, and we subsequently raised more funds need to do this.

Inside classroom

ACE has recently supplied more guttering for the buildings because the existing gutterings were insufficient to keep the water storage tank full.

We have also carried out some repairs. New glass was needed in several windows and some cupboard doors needed replacing.

Classroom partition  

Another project which ACE funded in 2008 was the partitioning of one large classroom to provide two smaller ones.

These pictures show the newly built partition.

There is still a way through from one classroom to the other but the two classes can be taught separately.

Eden Quayle Visits Rurembwe

Eden Quayle visited Rurembwe in October 2007.

This picture shows him with some of the pupils and the beautiful view of the mountains and lake behind.


Eden Quayle

School Grounds  
The school is a busy place.....

.....full of happy pupils.
Rurembwe pupils

New classroom  

This picture shows one of the classrooms ACE completed in 2007 and illustrates the shortage of desks.

We have subsequently managed to supply 20 more desks through donations to our Desk Appeal so this project is completed.


Three New Classrooms Constructed

In November 2009 ACE agreed to replace a very delapidated and unsafe block of three classrooms at Rurembwe School. Despite their dangerous state, the classrooms were still in use.

The main school holiday period in Uganda begins at the end of November and classes recommence at the end of January 2010. For that reason it was important that the building work started at the beginning of December and the new rooms built, ready for use next term.

So the ACE trustees took an unusual step and one they had never taken before. They gave the go-ahead for the building work, despite not having the whole of the estimated £13,000 cost in the ACE bank account.

This picture, taken by David Epidu, shows some of the parents beginning the demolition of the old classrooms so that Paul, our builder, could commence work as soon as possible.


Paul sent us these pictures of the work in progress on 16th December. It looks like the whole village is helping.

David Epidu went to check on progress and sent us this report -


Construction is in progress and the contractor is very busy as he wants to finish the block in as soon as possible. He wants that by the time Angela comes to Uganda in February they will be opening the new ACE classrooms at Rurembwe and Gitenderi officially.

The classroom block at Rurembwe was costed at about Uganda Shs 38,000,000/=. About Shs 29,450,000/=, has been paid to the contractor and the balance is now needed for buying iron sheet and windows and the finishing materials, ALSO MONEY FOR WINDOW BURGLAR PROOF is needed.

  Each window burglar is costed at Shs 35,000/= (about £12) including transport to the site and there are about 21 windows in a three classroom block, That means that we need 735,000/= more for the burglar proof. You asked me if the contingency money would be used for the same, but it is not possible as the contractor forgot to include the quote for the RIDGES in the Bill of Quantities so the contingency will not cover such shortages.

Otherwise ACE has done a lot of construction in Kisoro Schools and all those who have benefited are so happy with what the charity has done in there schools. Most of the latrine work has been done this year, and latrine is not such a big problem at the moment though we could have some few which need attention. To say the truth ACE has made a big impact in Kisoro as a district and many people now know about the charity's work. I wish to thank Angela Peake and all those who have contributed to ACE activities in Uganda.

Everybody in Kisoro now is waiting for the coming of the ACE group in February, Please you will be very welcome to Uganda, by all those who have heard about you. Hope this report is fine for you and in case of any thing you need to know from me please don't hesitate to ask.

On 8th January 2010 David sent the following pictures and message -

Dear Angela and all the trustees -

Greeting to you all and wishing you luck in the new year. Please I really feel great when I see whatever I am doing going well.

Just see the pictures. It has made a good beginning of my year and needs no words.

Great people always do great things, that is why Paul becomes one of the greatest people for ACE project.


Just look at the picture. It is good to deal with trusted people, because they always make others happy.

I thank Paul for the the great job he does for ACE, and I thank those who have contributed funds for this project.

Hope this will make every one happy please.



Part of new block

When the visiting ACE team arrived in February the finishing touches were being put to the classroom block.



  This picture clearly shows the new window system we have adopted to add security and prevent breakage of glass in the windows by footballs.
the Ace team

The ACE team were given a warm welcome at the handing over ceremony.
Angela Speaking

Angela addressed the crowd and there was singing and dancing.
Ribbon cutting

There was an official ribbon-cutting ceremony ....
.... and the handover was complete.

You can click here to see a short video of part of the celebrations at the opening of the new block.

This is a project that ACE can be very proud of. The trustees would like to thank all our supporters who made donations so that we had enough money to complete it.

David Epidu took this picture when he visited the school in July 2010.
Completed building

Decorated walls

When David Epidu visited in April 2011 he found that the teachers had decorated the outside walls of the classroom block.

The designs show the construction of several geometric figures.



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