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Could you change a child’s life by giving a boy or girl a brighter future for them and their families?

ACE currently has desperately poor Ugandan children ready to leave primary school, eager and able to learn, but without the necessary financial support to proceed to secondary education.

£40 per month for four years will provide boarding education for a pupil to O Level, with an option to extend and sponsor your pupil through further education or training. If you could pay £20 per month you could share the cost of sponsorship with another donor.

Please note that, since this page was written, the ACE trustees have transferred all the ACE-sponsored students to Kisoro Standard Secondary School. The transfer took place in April 2018.

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ Nelson Mandela

Please contact us for more information and give a child a chance. You can e-mail


Click here to see the 2014 intake of ACE-sponsored students

Click here to see the latest pictures of the new buildings at Kisoro Vision School

The main aim of ACE is to assist rural primary schools in southwest Uganda. However, we have come across another need which we are trying to address.

When the pupils leave the primary schools they are often unable to proceed to secondary education because of their family circumstances. Many of them are orphans or come from very poor families. There are a small number of these pupils who are very gifted and could potentially go on to be the doctors and teachers of the next generation.

So ACE started a sponsorship scheme to assist these children in secondary education. We started with six students being sponsored by ACE supporters in schools in Kisoro and Kabale. Some were day-pupils and some were boarders.

It soon became obvious that the boarders were doing much better. The day-pupils had to walk such long distances each day, and carry out household tasks when they got home. This made it impossible to keep up with their homework. So the trustees decided that all our sponsored pupils should board at school.

The cost of this is currently £40 per pupil per month. This pays for them to be at a boarding school due to the remoteness of their homes.

We are asking you to help us by sponsoring a child. If £40 per month is too much, we invite you to donate £20, £15 or £10 per month and share the sponsorship with another supporter.

Generally, students begin secondary education at the end of January each year, and it is at that time that sponsors are allocated to students. However we welcome new sponsors at any time of year. We have to build up funds in the ACE Sponsorship bank account because a student's expenses are not spread evenly through the year. When new students initially join the school they each require equipment costing about £150 (see below) plus the cost of their transport to Kisoro. If you opt to become a sponsor, your monthly contributions will go into the ringfenced sponsorship account to help with these initial costs and you will be allocated a student next January.

We ask the headteachers to identify qualifying potential students in August/September, after they take their mock primary school leaving examinations. This may enable us to give sponsors the name of a student earlier, but it cannot be confirmed until we get the exam results in mid-January next year.

We assessed the different schools in the Kisoro area and decided that the best school for our pupils was Kisoro Vision Secondary School so in 2009 we moved our sponsored pupils who were at other schools to this school.

In 2017 a new volunteer, Val Boakes, took over the scheme and liases with the sponsors. Then, in 2018, the trustees decided to move the students to Kisoro Standard Secondary School.

You can obtain a sponsor form by clicking here. Instructions are on the form.

In mid-January 2010 we received the primary school examination results which told us which of the pupils at the ACE schools achieved Grade 1 or a high Grade 2, making them eligible for secondary school sponsorship.

We also liased with David Epidu, ACE's Ugandan representative, and William Balibutsa, the local school inspector. They helped us to decide which of the high-scoring pupils had the greatest need and would benefit most from support from our sponsors.

On Sunday 24th January the ACE trustees, together with Sponsorship Coordinator, Janet Pye, met and discussed the allocation of sponsorship. It was decided to offer ACE sponsorship to 10 pupils. At the time we had 8 sponsors waiting to be allocated a child. We initially supported the other two, using a grant of £500 which we received from the Cumber Family Charitable Trust. Subsequently new sponsors came forward for them.

The 10 pupils chosen for sponsorship came from a good spread of ACE schools. There were 3 from Bukazi, 2 from Rurembwe, 2 from Nyarusunzu, and 1 each from Rukongi, Mukibugu and Kabami. Unfortunately, they were not so evenly distributed between the sexes - there were 8 boys and 2 girls.

David then had about a week to get all the shopping required for our students to begin at the school when term commenced in the last week of January. You may be interested to see what a student requires. If so click here. You can use the currency converter on the latest news page to work out how much things cost in British pounds.

David then met up with the new intake of students joining the ACE Sponsorship Scheme and did their shopping with them. He sent us these pictures -

David and pupils

New mattresses
Boxes and jerrycans  

Here are 16 of ACE sponsored students at Kisoro Vision School in their new uniforms.

Whilst the ACE party was in Uganda in February 2010 they enrolled another student into the scheme, so we were then supporting 18 students.

The latest addition is Rosemary who was educated at Bukazi Primary School and got a Grade 1 in her leaving examinations. Without the scheme her education would have been finished.


ACE students Feb 2010

We have sent information packs for each student to their sponsors. It contained a brief resumé and photographs and a letter from the student.

If you would like to sponsor a pupil please get in touch as soon as possible. Also, please send this information on to anyone else who you think might help.

Students in 2010

These pictures of the ACE Sponsored Students were taken in September 2010.

These are the O Level students.

Junior Students

These are the A Level Students.

L to R: Ester, Juliet and Denis

Senior Students

New Students in 2011

New students 2011


During 2010 we obtained enough offers of sponsorship to be able to enrol a further nine students into the scheme in January 2011.

These are the new students, pictured just after they had received their enrolment packs from David Epidu.

The new group consisted of four boys and five girls, the first year in which we have accepted more girls than boys.

ACE students 2011  
ACE sponsors are now supporting 29 students through their secondary education.

New Students in 2012

During 2011 we had seven offers of new student sponsorship. The exam results were good so we had several other qualifying potential students who missed out.

These are the lucky seven.

On arrival in Kisoro, they were met by David Epidu and helped with their shopping by senior ACE students, Juliet and Ester.

New students with Juliet and Ester
They had to be kitted out with all the items new students need, including a trunk, a jerrycan and a mattress.
With their shopping
These were transported to the school.
New mattresses
And here they are, kitted out in their new uniforms.
New students in uniform

They joined the other ACE-sponsored students for a picture. Here are the whole group -

ACE students Feb 2012

New Buildings at Kisoro Vision School

Luke Pye visited Kisoro Vision School in May 2013 and took these pictures.  

The four storey block which has been under construction for quite a while is almost completed.

The building is all classrooms except for a small part of the ground floor which is offices.

A new laboratory block is now being built.

When David Epidu visited in May 2014 the new classroom block had been completed and was looking very smart.

(The date on this picture is incorrect - it should be 2014)

2014 Intake at Vision

This year we have enough sponsors to admit another seven students. They all achieved a high Grade 1 in the Primary Leaving Examinations and come from impoverished families.

Here they are seen on arrival.


David Epidu oversaw the shopping trip and arranged transport.

As well as uniforms, the new students require lots of other things, including bedding.


After getting their uniforms, the new students (front row) met up with some of the other ACE-sponsored students.

We were very disappointed that this year's intake did not include any girls. We are very keen to support female education, but there were no girls leaving our supported primary schools in 2013 with the high Grade 1 exam results required to join the scheme.





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